Yes, that sounds like him

One of the fun parts of The Murder of Mary Russell is that we see a very young Sherlock Holmes.  Even then, he sounds very like himself…

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The Murder of Mary Russell can be ordered as:

     A signed US hardback from Bookshop Santa Cruz or Poisoned Pen Books

     An unsigned hardback or ebook from B&N/Nook or Amazon/Kindle

     A UK hardback from Waterstones, or hard/ebook from Amazon UK.


  1. Chuck Haberlein says:

    True enough. But I was pleasantly surprised at how much the older Sherlock reflected insightfully on some of his youthful tendencies. All in all, a delightful book. Thanks, Laurie!

  2. Merrily Taylor says:

    Like a young eagle, still fluffy but indubitably Himself!

  3. I loved the meeting of Hudson and Holmes…am about half way through now and find it very hard to put this book down! Well done Laurie!

  4. I loved the description of the cuffs.

  5. Steve Morrow says:

    Will we ever see your ebook short stories, ie; The Marriage of Mary Russell and Beekeeping for Beginners as well as the Mary Russell Companion in print? I’m not a Kindle user – I prefer the touch and smell of the printed word.

  6. Margaret Wood says:

    I need a paper version, too. Great.

  7. Molly Wolf says:

    Loved the Murder! Lots of subtlety and depth, which I had rather missed in the “traveling” books, which are great fun but not as psychologically fulfilling as this one. BTW, I have just bought a cute little Levono laptop for writing my own weird brand of theology. I thought of naming it Mrs. Hudson, but Beruria seemed more apropos to what I hope to do.

  8. Robert Wise says:

    The Murder of Mary Russell…
    Wonderfully woven story!
    An absolute pleasure to read…thank you so much and then some!
    Mrs. Hudson … Gone? … Impossible…she’s part of Holmes, as much as Dr. Watson…
    Will sure be nice when they return…I miss them both!

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