We’re all Twitterparted!

Ready for the Twitter party?
Got your tweeds and brogues stashed for the walk home across the Downs?
Not on Twitter? Well, feel free to be a wallflower in the corner, trying to keep track of the fast dash of witty conversation as the guests get increasingly tipsy on Holmes’ honey wine and the sake wine that Mrs Hudson is providing.
Today, starting at 9:00 pm GMT, 4:00 Eastern, 1:00 Pacific, etc.
To participate on Twitter, go here: #RHPTY
For the shy (or Twitterless) go here:http://www.twitterfall.com/#rhpty

And if your invitation didn’t arrive, here is is:

dreaming spies twitter


  1. Hmm, I happen to be twitterless and I entered http://www.twitterfall.com/#rhpty and was prompted to log into my nonexistent twitter account. I it necessary that I wait until 1:00 tomorrow?

  2. Carol Williamson says:

    Nope. Not working for me either. And it is 4:20 ET.

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