We have a name

After considerable to-ing and fro-ing, most of which was well-mannered, Random House and its author have a name for LRKing’s next book, formerly known as The Green Man, to be published in June 2010:

The God of the Hive


  1. LaideeMarjorie says:

    So, with the title shorthand we use around here, will we now be
    waiting for GODO???


  2. First response: not bad. Abbreviation: GODOH??? (crikey, sounds like Samuel Beckett).
    Laurie, please have a good safe trip. We look forward to seeing you at WeHo Book Fair, which shapes up to be a doozy//Meredith

  3. LaideeMarjorie says:

    Meredith, that was the joke that I was trying to make. Waiting for GODO. I guess it wasn’t that funny. Made me laugh though. I guessing the real abbreviation might be GODH. or HIVE. or TBFKATGM.


  4. Strawberry Curls says:

    I rather like GODO (using a long “O” each time) myself. So happy the baby has a name and a publishing date.

    Congratulations to one and all. 🙂


  5. The suspense has been a burden, the relief is great. Why not refer to it at GOTH? Did the title come from any of the reader suggestions? I am certain that someone In Power has them all neatly ordered and attributed and dated. Perhaps we could have a literary Bobbing For Apples to give them away. Plunge into cold water, snapping blindly for something to bring up. Perhaps a Fortune Telling Ball would be better or more hygenic, the kind where you shake it and ask a question, and you get advice. I do not claim any responsibility for this post, as I had a root canal this AM (using the eat-a-live-frog theory)and just took my PM dose of pain meds. Perhaps some tactile artist could make a hanging with all the suggestions embroidered and overwritten in colors and scripts…Okay, I am going to bed now.

  6. GOTH is what came immediately to my mind too.

  7. So, nine months to wait, and time to get used to the new name, – it’ll fly past. So come on, admit it, who else has it on pre-order already? I certainly can’t wait till Bouchercon ’10 to buy a copy, which is my next planned visit!


  8. Too bad they didn’t name it Goddess of the Hive. That way we could’ve nicknamed it Vicki, in honor of our fearless VBC leader. (grinning, ducking, and running)

  9. Laidee Marjorie says:

    Nikki, I am going to take a wild guess here and say that the God of the Hive is Mycroft, so Goddess would not have worked. Just a wild guess though. But I like the idea that the Queen Bee is the Goddess of the Hive!


  10. Not sure what the problem was with The Green Man. Did that mythical figure not cross the pond?

  11. Annie, I really preferred The Green Man. I don’t think the mythical figure crossed the pond except for we who read a lot of books with British settings. I would be inclined to let people learn, but those who do marketing may have a better handle on what will sell.

  12. So who came up with it? Who wins? Anyone?

  13. Absolutely Fabulous! (oops; that was TV…)

    I’m voting for GODO – it fit’s beautifully with the idea of a Hive God… everyone standing around chatting and waiting to see what will happen.

    What’s more it requires a great deal of conversation; something not lacking in this group.

    Winner? Sure, would be nice to know but I’m more interested in who picked it? Laurie, did you have anything to do with it or was this one of those Big Apple decisions that you are acquiring a taste for? (Yea, Pat et. al., I was a TGM fan too!)


  14. My teenaged clients would disown me if they knew I had overlooked GOTH. Though I rather like Marjorie’s TBFKATGM. I was rather thinking that the beekeeper was the god of the hive, so I thought it might be Holmes or a new character — and the speculating carries on!//Meredith

  15. Strawberry Curls says:

    HIVE was offered on LOM and I had been leaning in that direction myself. Simple, direct, easy to remember, I like it. 🙂

  16. Wonderful title (although “The Green Man” was even more mysterious and beautiful …)!

  17. So, wait, Green Man was too ‘out there’, but God of the Hive gets a pass? Not that I don’t like it, I do…I just liked Green Man better. HIVE seems like a good acronym, though, easy to remember.

  18. Mike Wilson says:

    I don’t care what they call it, I just want it.

    I have been going through withdrawls and I need my old friends…. (wink)


  19. Sherrie221 says:

    I’m happy with the title, but I thought I heard about the next book also being a Russell/Holmes book, and as such I have given much thought to a possible name.

    “Restoring the Queen”

    It seems to round out the ‘mini-trilogy’ within the whole series, and relates back to the very beginning of “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice”

    What do you think?


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