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One of the pleasures of novels is learning about different times, other places, unexpected ways of seeing the world.  Setting aside the minor fact that novelists lie for a living, a novel can both open windows, and open minds.

This page might as well be titled For the Incurably Curious, and is intended to help readers in general, and teachers, librarians, and book clubs in particular, explore the worlds of Laurie R. King.

Laurie’s readers are a community, both in person and in online forums.  If you, too, find that the novels stimulate both thought and conversation, here are a few tools you may find useful.  And if you have a book club discussion of one of her books, be sure to let us know!  A report, a suggestion for the reader guides, and photos are always welcome, at [email protected]


The LRK Virtual Book Club (on Goodreads)

Monthly discussions led by enthusiastic LRK readers, on a wide-ranging variety of books, sometimes with Laurie or other authors joining in.

Reader Guides

Book club discussion suggestions are available for:


Laurie’s dedication page to The Moor reads:

To the librarians everywhere, who spend their lives in battle against the forces of darkness.

Laurie loves loves libraries.  Every April during National Library Week, she celebrates these beloved institutions and their people, often with book giveaways.  If you’d like your favorite library to be included in these, please sign them up here:

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Are you a school library? If so, what level?

And if your library is holding a book club discussion of one of Laurie’s books, or if you have a suggestion on how Laurie can better serve libraries, please let us know!


Tools for Teachers

The discussion questions above and the research section below may be helpful, but if you’re looking for ways to work the novels into your curriculum, some suggestions are here.


LRK’s Research

One of the things readers love about Laurie’s novels is the close attention to detail and the research she puts into them.  If one of her books tickles your intellectual fancy, take a look at her suggested reading for that title, here.