Throwback Thursday Twofer


Today’s Throwback Thursday post serves as proof that some authors do their research long in advance.  Long, long in advance, like this picture, taken in 1982, a good twenty years before this particular writer set pen to paper to write The Game.

And here, said author contemplating the possibilities of alternate universes, wherein she and her young family take over the responsibilities of a hotel in Agra, India…

Lauries's hotel



  1. Merrily Taylor says:

    Great pictures, Laurie – and you have always had the most beautiful hair! I didn’t realize that you had been in India Back in the Day, what an adventure that must have been!

  2. You’re the best. 😉

  3. 1. Did your India trip have to do (in part) with your and/or your husband’s scholarly interest in religion?

    2. I love that you have a “Just muttering” tag!

    • Laurie King says:

      Sue–our trip was less due to religious interest than historical and personal, since Noel was both born there, and his son was posted there with the British Council.

  4. Lovely. I’m glad you believe in first-hand research, Laurie!

  5. quilltyknitwit says:

    Writers – always observing & storing up for their future writings…

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