Signed Kings

Want your books signed? My local bookseller is Bookshop Santa Cruz, and they’re happy to mail you a signed copy. Contact them here.

If you prefer an unsigned or electronic copy, buy yours on Amazon or B&N.





Want a nightshirt that declares you “Complex, more than a little kinky, and absolutely fascinating”? Maybe a t-shirt that’s “All about the world’s greatest detective–and her husband, Sherlock Holmes.” What about drinking your coffee from a mug that declares, “I crawled into my books and pulled the covers over my head”? Or perhaps a suggestion to the world: KEEP CALM AND CALL MARY RUSSELL.  Check out the Cafepress store, here.


Team LRK publishes a series of ebooks, here.

Audio books

All the books are available as Audible downloads, or as CDs at Recorded Books.

unnamedThe Illustrated Russell & Holmes

The publishing house of Team LRK has branched out into fine art: a portfolio of ten art works celebrating the world of Russell & Holmes.  Description and order information here.