The raw material

First draft of The Language of Bees: finished.

302 pages of tripe: sprawling, flabby, pallid, and unappealing.

It’s the job of the rewrite to transform raw tripe into something that could be ordered in a starred restaurant.

(And actually, even with tripe there are nuggets of good stuff there, buried.)

But I’m taking three days off to let my brain recover, and then the rewrite starts.


  1. Strawberry Curls says:

    Another window opened, a nugget revealed, and another day closer to publication. Just knowing the first draft (hardly tripe, I wager) is completed is a great Easter gift. Thanks.

    Happy Easter to your and yours. My best to your whole family.


  2. *SQUEE* This is great news…at 4:21 in the morning! Wow..amazing the way you’ve gone at it! Only three days? Now that’s amazing too. I’d need a week to recover.

    I hope you and your family are well and have a wonderful holiday tomorrow. Happy Easter.

  3. LaideeMarjorie says:

    The first draft completed and you can say it’s “sprawling, flabby, pallid, and unappealing”. Not a bad start at all, is it? What great potential in that for a great new work. I am more excited than ever.

    I hope that your little break is renewing and reviving and that you can feel us all lifting you up on our collective shoulders offering support as best we can from “out here”.


  4. May your days off be inspiring and fulfilling. And may the rewrite go smoothly.

  5. Congrats and enjoy your rest!

  6. This is really good news. Congratulations! I can’t wait. Good luck with the rewrites.

  7. Congratulations to all of us 🙂 I hope spring is springing out west and that you have a lovely rest. If there’s anything we can do to help whip the flabby, palid draft into shape, you need only call . . .

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