The Queen’s Beekeeper

Two of my friends (and yours) are off in London, where they’re attending the dedication of Jeremy Brett’s park bench, seeing various Russell friends, and…Beehives at Buck House

seeing the work of the Royal Beekeeper. Now, the claim is that this gent goes by the name of John Chapple, but we have to wonder, don’t we, if the royal honey might be the work of a fellow we all know well?

At the very least, Mr Chapple must have a consultant by the name of…Holmes. Right?


  1. Merrily Taylor says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw Holmes mingling with the crowd, trying to get over to the island so that he could check on his hives without causing a Fuss….

  2. So glad Jeremy Brett is still getting the recognition he deserves! He was THE Sherlock Holmes in my mind. Yes, I can sure see a tall, gaunt older gentlemen making sure things are going well with the bees!

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