The Pirate flag flies!

I’ve been in my new house since August, with workmen crawling on the roof and under the floor most of that time, and I’ve had little to actually SHOW for it all since it’s mostly little things like strengthening the deck rail and making sure the toilet flushes.  Important, yes, but not much fun involved.

Until now.  The flagpole that was on the house when we moved in, but needed new fittings, is back in place with its hooks and ropes—and here is now the view from the skylight inside the front door:

Arrrgh, mateys!

(And God only knows what the neighbors think…)


  1. You of all people should NOT worry about what the neighbors think! Other than you not a boring person!

  2. Who cares what the neighbors think! Though, they do realize you are not boring, and you just might have a tale or two to tell!

  3. Merrily Taylor says:

    Love it – shiver me timbers and all that. But you should have a Bee flag to fly on alternate weeks!

  4. Lisa Secrist says:

    They’re probably trying to guess what team you support.

  5. Robyn Slupski says:

    If anyone actually does say something about it, have a little fun at their expense. Start blinking one eye rapidly, mutter something about walking the plank, and walk away with a pronounced limp. Give ’em something to think about!

  6. It was a wise man who once said “always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate, then always be a pirate.”

    Flag looks farrrrbulous

  7. Wish I had thought to fly a pirate flag at my house! Sounds like a great idea to me!

  8. Lucky neighbors!

  9. This is in Santa Cruz, right? They probably think you are too conventional.

  10. Peggy Mitchell says:

    Just say: Laurie R. King and can do whatever she wants!

  11. They may just think you’re a fan of the Pittsburgh baseball team!

  12. Merrily Taylor says:

    Cool to have a flagpole in the first place!

  13. A Fan of Deduction says:

    neighbors: nice flag… -.-
    you: yeah I know :]

  14. I second whoever said you need a bee/beehive flag. And also some sort of HR monogram/coat of arms, perhaps HRK to get all the relevant initials in 😉

  15. Be sure to raise a flag when Russell and Holmes are visiting. After all, the Queen has one when she is in residence. Merrily suggests a bee flag. Good choice.

  16. Karen G Wolf says:

    Good on yer, matey! It is always grand to be a Pirate at Heart! I think it is a lovely idea, but I have never been a one to worry overly much about what my neighgors’ think about me!

  17. TheMadLibrarian says:

    We have an unconventional flag as well, so we approve of this message!

  18. Aye aye!

  19. Ar Ar me hearties..and a bottle of rum.

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