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Thanks to you good people who rushed out in Week One and plunked down your hard-earned dollars for Dreaming Spies, the book will appear in the number eight slot on the New York Times bestseller list, and #10 on the Indie Bookstore bestseller list.  This makes me very happy, not in the least because it convinces my publisher that people might be interested in my stories.

Thank you.

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  1. Merrily Taylor says:

    If there were a way to measure fan excitement and anticipation while waiting for one of your books, Laurie, and then the giddy joy when having it in hand, you would be Number One on that list all the time! And we won’t even speak of the “thrill of reading” measure, it would be off the charts!

  2. Jan Collins says:

    I’m not surprised, and I’m enjoying it very much! Congratulations to you Laurie!

  3. I am reading it like eating chocolate. I savor a little bit every day.
    Many thanks

  4. Tell your publisher that readers ABSOLUTELY love Russell and Holmes
    and live precariously between new books!
    I too am enjoying it but it is hard to not gulp it all down in one session.

  5. Thank you for sharing your memoirs with us. Your time in Japan is fascinating. It is a very satisfying tale.

  6. I was thrilled to have your latest Holmes/Russell in my hot little hands as well! And am trying to read it slowly as well – hard to do when it’s written so well as all your others have been too! I’m sure your publishers must be aware by now how many loyal fans you have! Thank you!

  7. After all this time your publishers still need convincing? OMG do they think we are fickle readers rather than fans desparate and desirous of/longing for the next adventure of Ms Russel and her husband. Or do they think we are an aging lot who are dying off. We maybe aging and our budgets maybe under assault but even those of us who can’t afford to buy have no doubt had requests in at every local library in the country for this book… I considered waiting till it made the list so I could get my Indie List discount but succumbed to the inner passions of longing and desire and bought it on lay down day. Blessings and when is the next one coming out? 🙂

    • Merrily Taylor says:

      Ann, I don’t think Laurie (or her publisher) will need to worry about her readers “aging out,” as she is picking up new teenage fans all the time. I know of several teenage/college age girls who are passionate about the series, having caught the fever with BEEK. One of the wonderful things about authoring a great book must be knowing that people will be reading it long after we’re all gone – and discovering it for themselves (I still remember the first time I read “Jane Eyre,” when I was about fourteen). I really think that BEEK, in particular, is that kind of book!

  8. Alice Wright says:

    Doing a happy dance for you, Laurie. Great book and so deserves any and all accolades.

  9. ” never ever cease to feel wonder”,
    “crawling into a Laurie King book
    and pull the pages over my head.”I

  10. Fantastic news! I only check it now and again as I get sick of reading the same dreary titles over and over again.

    When folks I haven’t seen in a while ask how I’ve been, I like to be positive and so I’ve been saying things like “terrific, a new Laurie R. King book just came out and I’ve read it three times already.”

    I am terribly pleased to say that three folks I’d never have suspected of being fans (men between 50 and 60) have said “She’s got a new one out, great” , “I loved Folly”, and the like.

  11. “The Murder Of.”
    That’s been done before.

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