The God of the Hive, part three

A third excerpt of The God of the Hive has gone up, and can be found here via the book page: In which we are reintroduced to the man with several names.

Also, a newsletter is going out today, full of News and Excitement–if you’re one of those who opens it up by Monday night, your name will go into the drawing for a copy of the ARC.  Even if you live in Australia or Zanzibar.

Come back to Mutterings the day after tomorrow for my comments on the rewrite process, and a look at the first draft–maybe not quite as untidy as this one. (Click on the photo to enlarge.)


  1. Every time I read it, I just love Estelle all the more. The education of Russell by a different Holmes, in the realm of children….it’s just going to be deliciously fun.

  2. Strawberry Curls says:

    Cooriuser and cooriuser — sorry I’ve been listening to MOOR of late. 🙂


  3. It is rather amusing seeing the solitary detective’s clan grow larger and larger. What’s a Russell to do?


  5. RussellHolmes says:

    Hey Strawberry Curls, I’ve been listening to that too!

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