The God of the Hive has a face

Here’s how The God of the Hive will come dressed, on April 27th, and my editor craves your reaction:

God of the Hive 1.indd


  1. Love it, looking forward to it.

  2. Leonard Freeman says:

    Looks quite handsome.. .and hope it follows up on The Language of Bees….

  3. RussellHolmes says:

    I hope this series never ends; I start reading one of them and I can never put in down! I hope another Russell book besides “God Of The Hive” will be added to this awesome series. Tell us as soon as possible Laurie!!

  4. Christie McGetrick says:

    Love the cover and I am looking forward to all my questions that were raised in Language of Bees being answered in God of the Hive. Also how about someone generating their ideas of what Sherlock’s son’s paintings might look like. Their written description sounded wonderful. Or is that what the photos of paintings across the bottom of the site are supposed to be.

  5. russellholmeslover says:

    Yes, I love this series so much and my mum and I are reading it aloud together. My personal favorite was either The Beekeeper’s Apprentice or The Game

  6. Love the cover: depicts the mysterious foggy atmosphere of the Holmes era. Cannot wait to read this book! Love all the Mary Russell books.

  7. leslie rogers says:

    I love it! I am an avid reader, and I especially love this series. I was thinking, as I finished “the language of the bees”, why your writing is so appealling to me? I love mysteries, and Sherlock Holmes has always been a favorite and you have filled out his character so well with the addition of Mary. I also love that as I read your books I occasionally have to open my dictionary, and after I finish I have several topics that I now feel the need to research because you’ve peaked my interest (i.e. stone formations in britain)
    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful stories with us, I appreciate your gift!

  8. Gayle Hopkins says:

    I am so looking forward to The God of the Hive. Before I read the Language of Bees, I re-read all of the Russel novels. I’ve read Locked Rooms twice and all of the others three times. I am totally adicted!

  9. Looks nice! I’ve read only the first six, because others are still not available here, in Croatia… and I’m almost half way of reading all of them the second time! Cannot wait till others come here, I simply LOVE them!!

  10. Great cover. Do you know that Fantastic Fiction still has this book titled “The Green Man?”

  11. ellen Mills says:

    I love all of your books and am reading the Language of Bees currently. Can you tell me if you might ever consider writing a sequel to Califia’s Daughters? I really enjoyed it and would like to see where things go next.

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