THE GAME for all (US) players

In the spirit of random celebration, let’s raise our glasses (or, screens?) to The Game.

Why not? WE may all be looking forward to “Marriage” and Murder (in that order) but honestly, isn’t The Game one of your all-time favorite Mary Russells? It’s one of mine. So Team LRK (ie, me and my blood relations) have made a new video—with me reading from the opening chapter, illustrated by images of Twenties

It’s on the LRK YouTube channel, right here.

And to join in the spirit, Random House are running a two-week special offer on the e-book, marking it down to $1.99. Whee!

Tell your friends, show Grandma how to load it onto her smart phone, post about it on your site— that for two bucks, everyone in the Random House world (aka the US) can tuck a copy into their reader. For Kindle and Nook and probably others as well that I don’t have the links for.

Enjoy the video, even if you’re not in the US, and the book, if you are.


  1. Merrily Taylor says:

    It IS one of my favorites, and the video is great. Say, maybe one day Holmes and Russell will return to India, maybe on their way to somewhere else…

  2. We UKers also have this e-edition of The Game at the similar bargain deal – just £1.44! Bizarrely, this and Locked Rooms are only available from Bantam over here, not A&B.

  3. Thanks very much. Just ordered it, although I have it in book form as well. Always nice to be able to tote it with me when I travel, though. Looking forward to meeting you at Anderson’s in April and reading the new book, of course.

  4. Diane Hendricksen says:

    Great video!

  5. Yes, it’s one of my favorites — I have it in paperback and on Kindle, having snapped up the latter the last time it went on sale! I’m working on having all of them in Kindle as well as print, so I can re-read them whenever and wherever the impulse strikes.

  6. Mary Achor says:

    Yes, one of my favorites, too.

  7. Eroca McCready says:

    I just finished reading The Game for the second time and enjoyed it even more! Makes me want to have all your books on my shelves to re read at my leisure. I love the worlds you create!

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