The author’s bedside reading

No, really, it’s the author’s…bedside reading.  These two books were tucked at the bottom of the bedside table of the motel in Corte Madera where I’m staying during the Book Passage crime writing conference:photo I have stayed in upscale hotels where the management appears at your door with flowers and a copy of your book to sign for the hotel library, however, this place, while clean and tidy and blessed with remarkably efficient air conditioning, has never struck me as upscale.

All authors dream of spotting some stranger reading their book on a plane or bus, and although I have gone 21 years without that fantasy fulfillment, surely this counts?


  1. Merrily Taylor says:

    Sounds like a hotel with remarkably good taste to me!

  2. Doc Williams says:

    YES! It counts! If you checked my shelves, night stand, Kindle or iPad you will find your books there too!
    Enjoy your conference.

  3. Laraine says:

    What a great moment, discovering your work there. Aren’t you glad you wrote it?!! I am.

  4. have you really never seen a stranger with one of your books? Im going to have to start walking around with my copy of “The beekeepers apprentice”! And of course it counts! That must have been fun seeing your book, like your work and word beat you to your hotel.

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