Penultimate week

Here are the new covers for the three backlist paperbacks, gorgeous things all (click image to enlarge):

And now that you’ve had a week to read (and perhaps reread?) The God of the Hive, you can download a brand new official LRK reading guide on the Reading Guide page. (Careful, there are spoilers.) Make sure to head over to the Virtual Book Club and share your thoughts!

As if that weren’t prize enough, here are the winners for the past weeks’ art contests:

For the Beekeeper’s Gallery contest, it was a close call, but in the end you preferred Rebekah Tilley’s picture of her ARC. Well done Rebekah!

After much debate (and some overenthusiastic voting for one particular contestant), I decided that the Illuminated MyStory entries were all too gorgeous to choose just one. So in the end, we will be sending a broadside of “Birth of the Green Man” to all five contestants. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing your marvelous art with us!

For the Russellscape contest, the winner is Joyce Weiner, who submitted Russellscape #28 (as seen to the right). Congratulations Joyce! She will also win a “Birth of the Green Man” broadside.

Over at the Letters of Mary site, we had a tie for first place in the Mary Russell Fan Fiction contest. What suspense! After flipping a coin, the moderator determined the winners to be as follows:

1. Another Case in Correspondence by roseriter
2. Pilgrimage by merrily1945

And last but not least, this week’s contest: the Mary Russell Colo(u)ring Book. Kim has been kind enough to dedicate her entries to another project, which leaves us with the winner: Tamra A. Congrats Tamra, and look for the official colo(u)ring book in the not so distant future!

A very big thank you to all who participated in the art and fan fiction contests. Only one week of the twenty left to go, but the biggest prizes are yet to come. So if you haven’t done so already, make sure to send us your independent bookstore receipt for The God of the Hive or make your donation to Heifer International today.