I only read it for the articles

Writing is widely regarded, I am often startled to discover, as inherently cool.  As a person who spends her days muttering to herself in a book-padded room (although rarely in pajamas) I need reminding of the exotic caché of Being a Writer.

Mostly I get those reminders through my friends, such as this weekend in la La Land: dining with agents who are instrumental in transforming books to screen and are on a first name basis with those faces usually seen in close-ups or with exploding objects in the background.  On the same patch of grass with the entourage moving Carol Channing from green room to stage.  And then riding up the Pacific Coast Highway with a friend who has not only spent hours chatting with Stars about Sherlock Holmes, but even had one clamber over his gate to get at him.

His kids are, finally, impressed.  Not only at his links with Hollywood, but with this:PB-BI0910_As_front

That’s right, Les Klinger, veteran Twitterer, co-star of the Les and Laurie show, and author of the New Annotated Sherlock Holmes,sherlockholmes-cover

is unarguably Cool.  As proof, he has an article in the October issue of Playboy, because he’s not only the annotator of Holmes, and the future annotator of Neil Gaiman’s Sandman, but of Dracula as well,New-Annotated-Dracula_sm and Playboy needed An Expert. 

The article’s a little tricky to read, being in multi-colored ink (mostly blood-red) and scattered across pages already graced with poor young women who look like new mothers suffering from an excruciating degree of engorgement (what can I say? I was a counselor for La Leche League…) but it manages the tricky balance of being both learned and titillating. 

However, I’ll admit that I didn’t read the article on the plane home.

Paranormal, Sex & Culture

I’m still over at Bitten by Books this morning, if there’s something you just always wanted to ask LRK and didn’t have the chance.  And they’re giving away a bunch of books–great contests there.

And, a reminder that on Saturday I’m with Pam Houston, 
Stacie Boschma, Sean Stewart,
Regina Lynn, and
Minal Hajratwala in San Francisco’s Make Out Room, raising money for the Center for Sex and Culture.  A side of LRK you perhaps haven’t seen… 

Tomorrow I’ll tell you all about the seder I went to last night, and singing “Matzo, Matzo Man.”  Them Moroccan Sephardis really know how to party down at a seder.

(LRK: your full service writer.  Where else can you find Vampires, Sex & Culture, and an ancient Jewish ritual in one brief post?)


Vampires and…Mary Russell?

Some days I am normal.  Others I am a tad paranormal.  Today is one of the latter.  I’m taking questions and comments over at the ever-thrilling Bitten By Books today, and it will probably spill over onto tomorrow morning, in case your thinking process is delayed.  Please join us, read the BbB/LRK interview, and throw some questions at me.

Why a site with a slant towards the paranormal and vampires and ghoulies and ghosties? Let’s see: Holmes and Russell are clearly very active on into their second century (see yesterday’s post,) they never seem to sleep or eat, and Russell has odd scars that prevent her from wearing low-cut clothing.  Can you think of an explanation?

They’re also giving away LOTS of copies of The Language of Bees, so here’s your chance. 

And while you’re thinking of barbed (sorry) questions to ask, I neglected to draw your attention to what our very own webmeister/ess, Vicki, has to say about the creating of a community around books and specifically around the books of LRK.