The SEND button

For the past year, I’ve been working with Michelle Spring on a book about writing for the Arvon writing foundation.  The Arvon Book of Crime and Thriller Writing will be published in 2012, both in the UK and US markets.  And I can say that with assuredness because I have just this morning hit the SEND button and flipped the final manuscript across the Atlantic to Michelle.  It’s been a ton of work and I am very grateful that Michelle asked me to share the project, because I probably never would have got around to writing a How to Write book on my own.

But I’m very glad it’s (more or less…) finished, and I think it’s going to be a work of great Truth and Beauty and more than that, even Usefulness.

Now, I have a Whole! Week! Off! before I get tucked into the copyedit revisions for Garment of Shadows.  Thanksgiving, indeed.