The complete text of the Twitter Inteview between Les Klinger and Mary Russell has been posted on Miss Russell’s home page.  Interestingly enough, the publishers also managed to get it between the covers of A Study in Sherlock, with extraordinary quickness.

And if you scroll down a post. you’ll see Charles Todd’s reflections on Holmes’ England.

Dana’s study

In case you were wondering why Dana Stabenow would agree to write a story for A Study in Sherlock, here’s why.

Klinger v. Russell: who will win?

 I understand that Les Klinger is trying to get Mary Russell to submit to an interview about A Study in Sherlock, over on Twitter. (The hashtag is #ASinS, or just go here for his query, then her responses.)  I wonder if he’ll succeed in enticing her to agree?  She’s not proved terribly cooperative with past interviews…

Cotterill’s Kung Fu Sherlock

A Study in Sherlock, the superest anthology of the fall season, goes on sale October 24th.  Several of the authors have written posts for the Study in Sherlock blog, which we’ll be posting over the next few days.  Also exciting is my co-editor Les Klinger’s Twitter interview (Twinterview?) with Mary Russell, beginning next week.  First off the bat is a selection from Colin Cotterill’s story in the collection, which you can see here.  That’s also the page where you can order the book.

All Sherlock, all the time

Eleven months ago, I went to New York and came home with a Secret Handshake and a Code Name.

Well, actually I went to the annual dinner of the Baker Street Irregulars and was given the great and unexpected honor of being made an Irregular (investiture name: “The Red Circle.”  Which is a Conan Doyle story you can no doubt download on various e-sites.)

Since then, it hasn’t been All Sherlock, All the Time, but only because Mary Russell has been standing there tapping her foot at me.  Now that Pirate King is on its way, Holmes is pushing forward.

One project, which I mentioned here earlier, is an anthology of original stories that Les Klinger and I are editing.  A Study in Sherlock: stories inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon is scheduled for publication in December, 2011, but we now have a web site up for it, with more to come as we know more.

The site is here.

And more tomorrow about other Sherlockian projects.