Sherlock puzzles

We had a gratifying number of entries into last week’s “Sherlockism” contest–while I’m mulling them over, you might like to look at them yourself and see if there are any that catch your imagination. (My choice will probably go up mid-week, so you have a couple of days.)

And when your grey cells have been stimulated, turn your eyes to this week’s puzzle, here. You have until Sunday night for this one. Good luck–you’ll need it!

But coming up soon, you’re invited to a party, at the house of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. That’s right: food, drink, and conversation, a virtual feast of conviviality. Virtual being the key word. Here’s your invitation, please pass it on to friends.


  1. This week’s puzzle lacks clues for 3 down and 10 across!

  2. This week’s puzzle lacks clues for 3 down…oops, I see 10 across, sorry.

  3. Laidee Marjorie says:

    Thanks, Edna. Sorry!

    Clue 3 Down: “____ the Down Staircase” by Bel Kaufman


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