September in the Old Country

There was a question on one of the comment posts (I may not be writing here, but I\’e2\’80\’99m reading) about Edinburgh, so I thought I\’e2\’80\’99d put up my tentative schedule for September:

3, 4–London
5-6–to Sussex for research (the next Russell book)
20-23\’e2\’80\’94Matera Women\’e2\’80\’99s Writing Festival
27\’e2\’80\’94Chicago (Centuries and Sleuths)
28-Oct 1\’e2\’80\’94Madison, WI for BoucherCon

And if you have any stops you would request/recommend, particularly between the various cities in England\’e2\’80\’94a library located between Edinburgh and Newcastle, for example, that would like a daytime stop-in–please send me contact information and we\’e2\’80\’99ll see what we can do.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Between Edinburgh & Newcastle – that would be Berwick upon Tweed then….nice place i think it has a bookshop.

    too far for me i’m down in Bristol


  2. I am so delighted that you will be in Edinburgh – and so annoyed with myself that I fly to Spain on 9th September! That’s twice this year I will have missed you by a day or two. (Grrrgh at self!)

    I will have left a prepaid order with the Edinburgh bookstore for some copies of TAOD, though, and I will be there in soul if not in body! I hope the tour is successful, and whilst I know you have been to my home city before (you signed Folly and a handful of others for me in 2001 – thank you again for that!), I do hope you have time to enjoy the city. I can recommend a wonderful local Italian restuarant for you, if that appeals – I’ll tell Jennifer M about it at the Harrogate Crime Festival next week.

    I can’t believe I booked my flight for the 9th…

    With all good wishes

  3. Elaine McC. says:

    Dear Laurie,

    I posted the comment/question about Edinburgh & the Sherlock Holmes manuscript at the National Library. Actually, I live in California, but have family in Edinburgh.

    There really isn’t any place I can recommend between Newcastle and Edinburgh. And your schedule looks too tight for much exploring. However, I did want to direct you to a fascinating, tiny bookish place in Southwest Scotland called Wigtown. I was there last May with family and quite impressed. Look at the website when you get a chance — or perhaps have your agent/publicist take a peek. Wigtown has been deemed the Scottish National Booktown!! Maybe you can get there on your next venture across the pond.

    cheers, elaine mcc.

  4. Anne Stobbs says:

    although I live in the north west Iwas born in the north east and I would suggest Alnwick as a good venue It has a bautiful castle plenty of history and a library which Iam sure would host a meeting I would definitely travel across the country to be there.Next time think of the North west when you come and not Manchester.both my husband and I love your books for me Folly is the best thankyou Anne S.

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