Russell Swag

At long last, by popular request: new Russell swag on the Cafepress store.

The Mary Russell Companion t-shirts, mugs, iPad cases, and Other Stuff:

All about the world’s greatest detective

…and her husband, Sherlock Holmes.

Maybe your companion dog needs a Companion Shirt?


Or you just want to be cool with water from a Dreaming Spies flask that will make all your friends jealous:

dreaming_spies_stainless_steel_water_bottleThe Laurie R. King Cafepress store, here: because everyone should own something that makes them smile.



  1. Not trying to be critical, but why is “I crawled into my books and pulled the pages up over my head” not available on a book bag? I would buy that for several of my friends.

    In other news: Yay, Russell swag!

    • Laurie King says:

      We’ll put a book bag onto that quote, right away! Always happy for suggestions, and no, it’s not the least critical.

  2. Margaret Wood says:

    I love the Mary Russell Companion logo on the large coffee mug. BUT I’m a leftie, like Mary Russell and don’t get to see it much. Would putting a logo on BOTH sides raise the price exponentially?

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