Russell infinity scarf

The Book Club folk have asked me to post here on Mutterings to see if anyone else might be interested in joining their order for a Mary Russell Infinity Scarf, from an Etsy seller.  Here’s the Sherlock Holmes one, with a page of Hound of the Baskervilles running along it:


This wouldn’t be until after the first of the year, though presumably while it’s still chilly here in the northern hemisphere. If you’re interested, either pop over to Goodreads and join the discussion, or post a comment here and I’ll be in touch when the order has been placed. They’ll be around $42, I’d guess shipping added. (Oh, and it’ll probably be the opening of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice.)



  1. Joy Seeskin says:

    I would be interested in a scarf..

  2. Joy Seeskin says:

    I would be interested in scarf

  3. “(Oh, and it’ll probably be the opening of The Beekeeper’s Apprentice.)” Is there a Mary Russel movie in the works?!!!

  4. Judith Lasker says:

    I would be interested in a scarf.

    Judith Lasker

  5. Alice Wright says:

    I’m very interested in a scarf.

  6. What color is planned for the background?

  7. Pat Harvey says:

    I’d be interested in the scarf.

  8. I want to order a scarf

  9. Only if it’s designed by Mary Russel’s dressmaker. What about T-shirts, coffee mugs, action figures, theme park?

  10. Mary Beth says:

    It looks like those literary T-shirts that are all over Facebook. I would love one!

  11. Christine Z. says:

    My favorite book! I would love a scarf.

  12. Polly McDonald says:

    I’d love to have one – regardless of background color – but definitely with the opening of “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice”!

  13. A wise woman wrote & I’ve learned- “Never, ever cease to feel wonder!” A Russell scarf would be infinitely WONDERful!!

  14. I’m interested in a scarf

  15. Add me to the list interested in a scarf!

  16. Yes two please!

  17. I’m interested!

  18. I’m in! Definitely!

  19. I’m interested as well and would order 2.

  20. This is a great idea! Count me in!

  21. Hi, all! Just got word from the Etsy folks that for an order of 50, they can do better on the price. Closer to $30. Isn’t that great! I’ll post when we get closer to time. The way they have it set up, I’ll have to order all at once, since it is a custom order. So I’ll have to pay up front. I’ll need to put in each of your names and addresses individually so they can ship them directly to you. Yes, it is a pain, but this will be a treasure, so I am glad to do it!

  22. Susan Tullis says:


  23. Hello! I’d be very happy if I can participate in joining this order for the scarf!

    Thank you!

    • Hi! We are working on getting this done in February. That is the Etsy seller’s date. Getting all the orders coordinated is proving a challenge, but, hey, if Russell can defeat Patricia Donnelly, we can do this!

  24. Judy Houston says:

    I NEED the scarf! Thanks

  25. Amber Huggins says:

    I would love a scarf! I already have the Sherlock one favorited

  26. Yes, I’d like scarf please!

  27. Meredith Taylor says:

    I would love a scarf. (goodness, I’m obviously buried in Christmas prep)

  28. Cindy Rodgers says:

    Would love one of these scarves. Will be ordering if they are made available!

  29. Patricia A. McKnight says:

    1) I would love such a scary. How are you managing the prepayment? When will you need whatever it will cost & how should we get our funds to you.

    2) I loved “Deaming Spies.” You just keep getting better and better. You did such a masterful job of painting the culture of Japan at the time. I felt the same sort of dislocation when Mary the Holmes felt when they left the dodging.

    • Susan Tullis says:

      I am definitely interested. Please keep me informed.

      • I (and other Russell-sisters at LRK’s book club discussion group) are working out the logistics now. The list keeps growing and growing and growing!!!! It is fun to enter into such an adventure, even if it is something as simple and cool as a BEEK scarf. The artists cannot take a custom order until February, so I’ll be back in touch closer to time. Onward and upward; strength and honor…

  30. I am very interested. Please keep me informed.

  31. Mary Achor says:

    Laurie: Can we post the logistics here, or at least a spreadsheet, for all who want scarves from Mutterings?

    Dear Russell-Sisters: I have a lot of information over on Laurie’s Goodreads page. It has a spreadsheet that the Scarf Folks will utilize to bill you and ship to you directly. Plus shows how many you want.

  32. Mary Achor says:

    I am asking the scarf folks about colors right now. I don’t know if we can have special colors or if they must all be the same. Their colors are very subtle, literary and elegant.

  33. Mary Achor says:

    Here is the link showing the colors they use for their products.

  34. Mary Achor says:

    Here is the link to the Goodreads spreadsheet. Please add your information if you truly, truly, truly covet a Mary Russell infinity scarf!!!!!

    • Mary Achor says:

      Also, we need to decide on one color. So we need input about that. They are talking about doing a secret order form just for Mary Russell scarves; that would make things a bunch easier.

      • Helen Martin says:

        The colour probably doesn’t matter too much since the backgrounds are all, as you say, subtle, except for green. Perhaps not green. Umm, definitely not green?

        • Mary Achor says:

          I like green, but it doesn’t really go with anything I own. And it would probably not be the majority desire. So I would pass on green, too. The only other one that is quite different is the black. I’d rather not have that as it speaks too highly of itself and kind of overrides the copy.

  35. penne ball says:

    I think that is a great idea, but would prefer an oblong, long scarf; can they do both?

  36. Jan Ramsay says:

    I am interested in a “Mary Russell Infinity Scarf”. Please let me know when/where I can purchase one. Thanks.

    • Laurie King says:

      Sorry, the link was wonky–click on the word here and it’ll take you now.

      • Helen Martin says:

        Help! I hadn’t heard further about the scarf so I assumed the request for ordering information was what we needed to do. After I filled it in I get the next info which said the original form will be used to fill our orders. If I cancel the new order it won’t cancel my original one will it? (Holding my breath.)

        • Mary Achor says:

          The new order is what you need to use, Helen. The new link is what the blessed vendor set up to make it easier for us Russellphiles.

          • Helen Martin says:

            Just to be absolutely sure; I need to ignore the excel page we all filled in and put in a new order. We don’t get a lower price because of a group purchase? Of course, I canceled the order I put in with Storiarts so now I’ll put it in again? Whatever, as long as I end up with one scarf.

          • Mary Achor says:

            Yes, Helen. Ignore the excel page. I don’t know why we couldn’t get a lower price. And sorry about that. Order again from Storiarts. Gotcha…


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