Road trip with Laurie! (and a Murdered Mary?)

So here’s me, from April 5 until April 15:2016 tour mapThe Murder of Mary Russell will launch at the amazing and wonderfully warm Anderson’s Books (yay!) in Naperville (near Chicago.) They hosted an event for me a year ago—and made a great video interview. So when I learned that I’d be passing through Chicago, I brought forward my bowl to say, “Please, sir, I want some more?”


No, my publishers aren’t this stern. And booksellers never are.

I’m sure There Will Be Fun at the launch—more when I know what they have planned for us.

Then after Anderson’s, I head back to the airport for (deep breath):

Traverse City

St. Louis








This is in addition to my beloved Bookshop Santa Cruz, and one or two Bay Area venues. (Then at the end of the month, draw another line across the map for the 27th, when I cross to New York for the Edgars, then drop down to DC for Malice Domestic.)

Details of times and places are here.  There’ll be more to come, I’m sure, but I wanted to give you the “save the date” notice while your calendar is still relatively empty…


  1. Nancy Beckham says:

    Will you be coming again to Vromans in Pasadena? You have a very loyal fan base in this area!

  2. Ronda Scott-Marak says:

    Wonderful, I can get to Chicago area events!

  3. Chuck Haberlein says:

    Where will you be speaking in Traverse City? It’s great to see my old home town hosting such a distinguished visitor!

  4. Any glimmer of UK dates this year….?

  5. Janis Kiehl Harrison says:

    Do you get Frequent Flyer miles for all that? I think I’d be so “lagged” by the time I got home…

  6. Diane Hendricksen says:

    I got tired just reading the timing of these events! Hopefully, there won’t be any spring storms to mess with your travel.

    I’m going to have to see about attending Left Coast Crime in Hawaii in 2017! You as Toastmaster is a very good reason!

  7. Dion Downs says:

    Any chance of a trip to Atlanta?

  8. Jaimie Boyd says:

    Thank you, thank you for always making an appearance at The Poisoned Pen! I am a long time customer and am excited to my favorite authors (author? 😉 speak. I even deduced the setting of your last two novels based on Barbara’s travels. I look forward to seeing you in April!

  9. Safe and happy/healthy travels to you, Laurie! So glad for a new LRK to look forward to; congrats on the great first Kirkus review. I don’t chime in much lately, but, still following, still reading. Thanks.

  10. I notice a distinct lack of appearances on the East Coast. We like you, too.

  11. Will you be visiting a store in Manhattan?

    • Laurie King says:

      It’s possible, although I won’t be doing any events. If you just want a signed book, Mysterious Books might get some.

  12. Meredith Taylor says:

    Chicago area certainly deserves a launch, hope all the folks from “The Middle” can get there. (I can talk, I lived in that Middle for 12 years.) Any hope for Vroman’s in Los Angeles? please? After you have rested up a bit?

    Drink plenty of tea/coffee and take care of yourself!

  13. Deborah E. says:

    I was a little (okay, a LOT) disappointed to see no Maryland area stop, but I’ll be attending Malice Domestic for the first time this year, so I’m very excited for that event!!

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