(P)interesting Bones

The Bones of Paris finds one-time Bureau of Investigation agent Harris Stuyvesant plunging into the tempestuous 1929 Montparnasse community of American writers, artists, and hangers-on. Paris in the Twenties is a visual feast, from the street scenes to the artists’ ateliers.

That’s why I’ve begun a pair of Pinterest pages where I can pour all the images I’ve been living with for the last year. Some of them show Paris in the Twenties (like Josephine Baker, here in her banana costume), others are of artists and writers active in 1929, and still others are specific to The Bones of Paris and the lives of Harris Stuyvesant and his friends Bennett and Sarah Gray.

While I was at it, I decided to put together a similar page for Touchstone, from the 1926 General Strike to the bucolic countryside of Hurleigh House.

For the Laurie R. King Pinterest board about The Bones of Paris, click here.  The board for Touchstone is here .  Let me know what you think.


  1. Another evocative collection … love the old railway posters BUT you missed finding a view of The Cornish Riviera Express, hauled by a Castle Class loco (railway engine), steaming along the Dawlish Sea Wall – it’s a classic view. Yes at 64, I’m still a schoolboy at heart.

    I must seek out touchstone first.

    Mike TBFO

  2. It’s all fascinating… brings the era to life!

    Good news on the new UK edition of Touchstone due out in August, and delighted to hear we are getting Bones of Paris in September, too!


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