Parrots and Pirates

Because I have a couple extra ARCs of Pirate King, I’ll be giving one away this Saturday to someone who has sent in a submission to the Parrot King illustrated story contest.  It’s a drawing, not a best-of prize, and since at the moment we only have four (if you mailed one and it’s not here, don’t worry, we’ll get it up)  your chances are pretty darned good at winning one.

Just saying.

Instructions are here, and here’s a sample of your competition:


  1. How about for someone who has NO artistic talents, but is owned by THREE noisy parrots??? ROFL!

    And one of them is a smartass — he’s the one that calls the dogs, tells the other ones to shut up, and who, when I was trying to put his flight suit (aka birdie diaper) on him, turned around to look me straight in the eye and said, “Bitch!”

  2. Is there a way to buy “Beekeeping for Beginners” if you don’t have a kindle or device, and by the way that download thing on Amazon does not work for me.


  3. Margaret W. says:

    The parrot collage is gorgeous! And Donna’s parrot has me ROTFL! 😀

  4. Lee Merrick says:


    You can download either a Kindle Application or a Nook Application to your PC for free. Then you could get the ebook, and read it on the PC. And having read it, I will say it is definitely worth the “hassle” of downloading either of these apps in order to read it!!

    Kindle for PC can be downloaded from, and Nook for PC can be downloaded from, I believe.

    Lee Merrick

  5. Thanks for your note, Lee. I’ve tried this several times, and it doesn’t work on my computer.

    Not sure why.

  6. Laurie King says:

    Hi Teresa, can you tell me what country you’re in and what kind of computer you’re using? Maybe we can find you some help.

  7. Love that artwork, Laurie. Beautiful! In my third mystery series coming out this fall (Tall Pines Mysteries), I feature a little ring-necked parrot named Ruby. ;o) She’s a doll. You can see her picture here, if you like! For the Birds

    I’m excited about Pirates coming out – can’t wait to read and review it.

  8. I meant THE PIRATE KING, of course, not “Pirates!” LOL.

  9. I downloaded the free ePub for Digital Editions from and then downloaded “Beekeeping for Beginners” in the ePub format from . Maybe that will work better for anyone who is having trouble with the Kindle for PC reader.

  10. Elana Starr says:

    I wish you had held a simultaneous Name the Parrot Contest, as well, for those of us who possess creative mins but are not artistic.

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