Name that baby!

You thought that once the Fifteen Weeks of Bees were over, we’d be finished with contests, right?  Ah no, we’re just beginning.

How creative are you feeling?  Well, sharpen those pencils and wits, kids, because Laurie needs a title.  That’s right, The Green Man just doesn’t do it.  As a working title, sure, because it’s about a man who lives in the woods and is a little bit of a Trickster—but this is New York publishing we’re talking about, not some New Age, Burning Man, hippie crap. 

What’s wrong with “The Green Man”?  I’m glad you asked (because you can bet I did.)  To quote: It doesn’t have the layered nuance of The Language of Bees.  It doesn’t seem either upmarket or suspenseful.  It’s not tantalizing.

In other words, a mix between * yawn * and Huh?

So here’s your chance to name LRK’s next baby: The Adventure Formerly Known as The Green Man.  You can hit the tab over on the right to follow what I’ve had to say about it, you can check out the Wikipedia article on the Green Man, and I’ll tell you that it’s about Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes and Mycroft (lots about Mycroft) and spies (spies are important) and the Green Man—aka Robert Goodman—and Damian and Estelle from The Language of Bees and boats and planes and trains and cars and…

And since any contest needs a prize, let’s say we’ll put the author of the winning suggestion in the book’s Thanks page, and send him or her a signed ARC as soon as we get them.

Any thoughts?  These are titles that have already been yawned and Huh?ed over:

The Green Man

The Man who Spoke in Leaves

Eyes in the Green  

John Barleycorn Must Die  (yeah, sure)

Jack of the Wood

Eyes in the Green

Voice of the Green

Speaking in Leaves

A Man of the Green

Are we having a good time yet?


  1. Absolute last – yes I mean it – the very last post in this section… (well almost the last…
    No! I mean it, the absolute last…

    Honeyed Conversations
    (or Honied) – depends on what spelling Russell likes…
    Honeyed Conversations, Hidden Doings (or Actions or Deeds or Spies or…)
    Forest Subtleties; Honeyed Conversations
    A Bite of Honey While Danger Lurks

    (Mmmmm; a moment while I become “un-sticky” (unstuck?) again… now there’s a thought!

    Sticky Subterfuge (or Circumstances or Ends or Spies or…)
    Sticky Situa… naaaahhh been done… Wickets? Well maybe Sticky Wickets; Sticky Ends
    Sticky Pitch: Forest Coverings

    (For goodness sakes… get off of “cricket” – that was Lord Peter, not Holmes… Holmes punted; and I don’t mean American Football either…) (Ok… then…)

    Rustling Forests; Storm Warnings
    Rustling Forest: Holmes Front (NOOOO!)
    The ABCs of Spying and Escaping (giggle)
    Red Herrings and Bees
    If the Five Red Herrings Spoke the Language of Bees (grin)
    Timetables, Tickets and Trickery in Green

    (…well there was a 1923 edition of an ABC in that trunk…)

    Dance Craze; Danger Haze
    Shimmy or Tango; It’s the Bees Knees
    Of Men, Maps and Motors
    Searching Men; Engaging Motors
    Bees in the Trees and What the Green Man Heard

    (I really am running out of… No! Wait…)

    Terror, Tangos and Travel
    Trains, Planes, Spies and Lies

    Ain’t We Got Fun? Yes! We have No Bananas: Using Popular Culture as Codes, Distractions and Misdirections / a Handbook for All Really Good Spies Between 1918 and 19…

    Green Cheese and the Green Man

    (Ok Ok, I just threw in the cheese but then Campbelltown had a great dairy that makes really good cheese and Clan Campbell – well they are (or certainly were) very fierce warriors – Campbells make up a large part of many present day Scottish Highland units – their clan Black Watch tartan is used even now by the Royal Regiment of Scotland and other military units…) If Russell is “hidden in the depths of Scotland” she may need a bit of Argyll protection – not to mention sustenance…)

    Chestnuts, Cheese and Chasing Illusions

    (or there is Wummle, a soft mould ripened cheese which is wrapped in a green rind, from Torphins up near Aberdeen…)

    Guises and Names: the Green Man and Royal Concerns
    Goodman; The Green Man Unveiled

    (Might be fun to read about the “King of Kippen” and his visitor the “Guidman o’ Ballengeich”… so just how did Robert Goodman get his name? – both names have strong royal connections… not to mention that the Windsors only had their new name since 1917…)

    Green Guises; Guessing Games
    Swarms, Gaggles and Green (I said “gaggles”, not “giggles”…)
    Grateful for the Green

    You’ve GOT to have enough ideas by now! Right?!?!?!? Pass the cheese boys and fill up my glass.; I can’t stand any more… besides, there are some very good suggestions in these comments that didn’t come from me…

    And heard in the distance… “So long, farewell
    Auf Weidersehen, goodnight. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight… yeah, yeah, I’m getting to the “champagne…”


  2. I like the bit at the end of the Wiki page, where the Green Man in Sanskrit is also known as ‘The Face Of Glory.’ I also like ‘A Council Of Leaves’ and, depending on the timing of the story (I don’t remember when exactly ALOB ends) ‘May Day’ and ‘Lord of the May.’

  3. Apologies if this has been done:

    Woden’s Labyrinth

    I still fancy Art in the Blood…yeah yeah…call me a purist ;)..

    BTW, I love what you’ve done with Mycroft! If I think of something else, I’ll send it along.

  4. Poetic Justice says:

    I tried to cover a few of the categories mentioned above. Hope these help you!

    Wild Hunt (which is sometimes said to be led by Woden)

    Silent Forest

    Balance of Nature

    Fraternal Blood (in case the relationship between Holmes and Mycroft is tested)

    Honeyed Thorns

    Grove of Lies

    Lunar Madness (tying into Damian’s pseudonym as The Addler, his moonscapes, Estelle’s name, and Brothers’s madness)

  5. Here is my suggestions:

    House of Leaves

    The Old Ways

    The Stone Man

    The Demon and the Man

    Okay, I’m out for now.


  6. Ruby J Whatsherface says:

    Ladies and gentlemen, Donna has lost her mind. There will be no search party, and refreshments and dancing will be held in the ballroom at a completely unreasonable hour. Kindly update your schedules.

    Anyway, I thought of a few more, just for the sake of the sacred Last Minute, and any potential lameness and/or silliness will not kill anyone! Here they are:

    One Mossy Deathbed
    The Painted Corpse
    Breaking the Sky
    The Forest Made of Keys
    A Most Regrettable Lack of Scruples
    The Right Way to Undo Things

    Oh, and Setting Fire to Flappers, just for fun.

  7. Nothing but an old cave. [this is part of a line in the Green Knight tale; upgraded to modern English]

  8. Voice in the Dark.

  9. All I’m able to think of is

    Voices in the Leaves

    — which doesn’t quite get at the “murmuring of innumerable bees” feel I’d want to try for, but still sounds mysterious.

  10. Joanne Ringle says:

    I like the following:

    I Spy Three Simple Eyes

    The Green Man and Ultraviolet Sight

    The Multifaceted Green Man

  11. Ruby J Whatsherfac: You’re quite right… apologies…shuffles toward reformatory… wistfully listening to sound of loud party in distance… Sighs and picks up copy of LANG to reread… 🙂

  12. I liked The Green Man. I don’t find anything yawn about it. Makes me think of The Third Man, The Thin Man, and The Green Knight.

  13. If this book ties up the story in The Language of Bees, it will probably have more about Damian Adler and his daughter, Estelle. Therefore I would suggest that this book be titled The Painter and His Daughter, although this does not seem to fit with what Ms. King has previously mentioned. Perhaps another reasonable place to look for a title would be in the passage of The Language of Bees where it discusses Woden and the Green Man.

  14. hooloovoo says:

    (The )Woodwose

    (The )Foliate Head

    Either with or without the ‘the’s if that’s not obvious.

    Trees and Deities

    Men of Acanthus and Clover

    The Curious Incident of the Tree in the Forest (lol)

  15. Rachel Rogers says:

    Just a few ideas. Best of luck, Ms. King, naming a baby is a daunting task!

    The Cunning
    The Semantics of Trees
    The Canon of Spies
    Dominion of Trees

  16. More suggestions:

    The Good Man

    The Family

    The Spy Master

    For God and Country

    The Detective’s Brother

    The Woodsman (I think someone already suggested that).

    Okay, hope that helps….


  17. Oh…and if it is a lead on from the Language of Bees…how about the Language of Leaves 🙂


  18. Cultivating Designs
    A Cultivating Design
    A Culture of Intrigue

  19. AAAH! There’s another Sara?!?!? We must talk!

  20. Ok here are my contributions

    A Time of Leaves
    A Time of Greening
    The Life of Leaves
    The Underside of Leaves
    Good Traveling
    Resurrection Path
    Cedars in the Wilderness (this whole thing just seemed to cry out for something Biblical – this is from Isaiah 41:19 in the TANAKH since Russell is Jewish.)

    I can’t wait to hear what you pick and to read the book!

  21. This should be fun 🙂 Here are my ideas:

    Green Speech
    Green Speaking
    (The) Tangled Wood

    I may come up with more later. Do you know yet what part of 2010 it’ll be coming out in?

  22. So, I’ve been in the studio all day, and colorful images of trees and leaves have permeated my most recent works.

    Vermilion Leaves
    Emerald Paths
    Green Invitation
    Grey Shadowed Paths
    A Dark and Shadowed Path
    Oak Shadows

    Just an evening thought or two over tea and honey.


  23. Greenman makes me think of greenmantle by John buchan…or of course of the old greenman that is so fashionable right now with new age.
    What about … The voice of the forest

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