My Thesis Being…

Many and many a year ago, Laurie King spent her life (parts of it, anyway) in realms academical.  About half the novels I’ve written have some touch of my previous life in them: Brother Erasmus from To Play the Fool, the tutoring of Margery Childe in Monstrous Regiment, Anne Waverley in Darker Place/Birth of the New Moon.

Every so often, someone will ask about my BA or MA thesis, and for years, I’ve meant to put them together so people can read them.  Not, I hasten to say, that they’re particularly life-changing or profound, but they’re where I came from, and that may be of interest.This cover 4

Those two thesis projects are finally on Kindle, thanks to Team LRK (and yes, more formats to follow, eventually).  The scanning isn’t perfect, but on the other hand, you get my take on Foolish Wisdom and Feminine Aspects of Yahweh for only 99¢.

Have fun: here.


  1. Louise Chambers says:

    Oh goody! Such fun! The Feminine Aspects of Yahweh sounds particularly attractive to this Goddess Gal. Mary Daly and other authors of ancient Goddess traditions are all in my permanent library. I hope people show an interest in this. Good on you, LRK.

  2. I have long wanted to read your theses. (I even tried to borrow them on interlibrary loan.)

    I look forward to your theses becoming available in other formats (e.g., pdf). I do not own a Kindle or anything else of that ilk . . .

  3. Linda Burchfield says:

    Couldn’t find them in the Kindle store. 🙁

  4. Linda Burchfield says:

    Nevermind! Got it! 🙂

  5. Oh, yay! I’ve been fascinated by the idea of the feminine aspects of Yahweh ever since Mary Russell first mentioned it. I occasionally glance back at my own undergraduate thesis (a structural analysis of three versions of the Nibelung saga) and still think it’s pretty interesting, personally. But I very much doubt anyone else would pay 99 cents for the privilege. 🙂

    Roxanne, Amazon offers a free Kindle app for computers (Mac or PC). You can download and use that to read Kindle e-books.

  6. [Roxanne, Amazon offers a free Kindle app for computers (Mac or PC). You can download and use that to read Kindle e-books.]

    Thank you, Virginia. I did not know!

  7. Laurie King says:

    Or for a Mac, just go to the App store and type in Kindle.

  8. Thank you, Everyone, for the information.

    Rachel — I agree, These CAPTCHA codes are difficult to read (and I am usually pretty good with them.)

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