Malic-ious Laurie!

Malice Domestic is an annual conference held in Bethesda, MD, dedicated to the traditional mystery, gentle on its surface but roiling with deadly currents beneath.  And guess who’s just been named next year’s guest of honor?

jan burke
laura lippman
aaron elkins
Guest of Honor:
Laurie R. King
Laura Lippman
Lifetime Achievement:
Aaron Elkins
dick francis
peter robinson
cindy silberblatt
Malice Remembers:
Dick Francis
International Guest of Honor:
Peter Robinson
Fan Guest of Honor:
Cindy Silberblatt

And just look at the list of former GOHs Malice has had in its 25 years, here.  Wow!

This is a fan conference, which means it’s set up for having a good time, and for being able to schmooze around with your favorite authors. Of course, it’s also about writing, and books, and…mysteries.

May 3 next year.  Be there or miss a really great time.


  1. strawberry curls says:

    Well, this definitely goes on next years calendar. Congrats on being named GOH, Laurie.


  2. jtb1951 says:

    A well-deserved honor, Laurie; congratulations!


  3. Meredith says:

    I had just been saying to myself: you know, you should really attend M Domestic sometime. (no kidding, true tale) eh voila!

  4. Gail Lelyveld says:

    This is great. Bethesda is near me. I go to the Roundhouse Theatre quite a bit. I am hoping that I can afford to go or that I can volunteer for the event.

    Gail Lelyveld

  5. Carolyn Randall says:

    Congratulations Laurie! An honor well deserved. We are the real winners, though, to have lured you away from California to our crowded east coast for a weekend. See you there!

  6. Susan Morrison says:

    A terrific line up and a great convention. I was disappointed that you had to cancel this year and am looking forward to seeing you at the 25th!

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