Let the wild BoucherCon begin!

So, a couple thousand crime writers and fans have descended upon the unsuspecting town of Cleveland, the better to reflect on matters criminous and ever-cleverer ways of committing artistic homicide. And we look so ordinary!

BoucherCon is the annual conference of crime writing here in the US, the place where My People hang out, the yearly meet-up of folk who have to take care how they talk in public places for fear the waitress will call the cops aboout that overheard conversation on dismemberment or clever con jobs. The place where you can wear a t-shir with the picture of a black bird statue on it and no one wonders what it means.

The place where a bunch of writers do their year’s worth of socializing.

If you’re near Cleveland, come out and play.  And if you’re not, well, next year it’s in Albany, and the trees will be spectacular.

(Apologies for the uncorrectable typos, but WordPress doesn’t like  the iPad…)


  1. Welcome to Cleveland, Ms. King! I hope you enjoy the city.

  2. Wish I could be there. Visit the West Side Market if you have a chance. It’s the Buckeye version of a souk. Oh, I do miss my home town. Albany sounds lovely, too. Maybe next year . . .

  3. Kaye Crabill says:

    Haven’t you ever heard the phrase “Go South young lady.” Oh well, it could be that I just made it up.

  4. TheMadLibrarian says:

    Cleveland was never unsuspecting.

  5. My son just gave you directions to a pub. Have fun.

  6. ^HA! We really never were….. 😉

    Hope we are showing everyone a wonderful time, and being as hospitable as possible to our favorite mystery writers and readers!

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