Laurie talks!

When I was in the Pacific Northwest last month for the fabulous Sherlock Seattle I sat down and talked with Bill Kenower with Author about, well, Sherlock Holmes–and also about Mary Russell, the temerity of an innocent, writer’s block, and what writing has taught me:


  1. Brian Lee says:

    On pg 65 of “The Bones of Paris”, a typo appears. Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann is referred to as “Bruno Haussmann”.

  2. Mary Russel is my new fantasy girlfriend. Would have been you but you’re married. Never (and I’m very well read) have I realized a more witty character and author. Totally captivated. Watched many of your book store talks. Can’t believe your on the spot witticisms. Reading I believe the ninth in the series. Later.
    Oh, and if you’re ever single ………


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