Laurie, on the road

Happy TBT! Now coming to you from 1977, it’s Laurie, Noel, and A Large Friend, on Easter Island.LRK:NQK Easter IslandHmm, what would you think about a story set on Easter Island…?



  1. Jan Collins says:

    Easter Island would be kind of cool….isn’t it mostly open space? I was delighted yesterday when I went into my local used bookstore, which is now stocking more new books…..and starting a mystery book reading club that will meet monthly… although I missed the first meeting, which was geared to deciding what books they want to read, first is a Dashiell Hammet and second is……….The Bee Keeper’s Apprentice! Which of course I’ve already read, but would be happy to give it a second go around, it was that good!

  2. Laura Stratton says:

    I can see Mary Russell on Easter Island. Sounds wonderful.

  3. Bill Edwards says:

    Sounds like a great idea. Large person down! (On someone!) Did he fall or was he pushed? How?

  4. Merrily Taylor says:

    I think if a writer has been to Easter Island, then a writer must set a story there. There’s a rule or something. I mean, how many folks ever get to see that, much less a person who could actually convey the experience to us in words?
    Seems to me that Holmes and Russell might get diverted there on their way to somewhere else, on Mycroft’s behalf of course…

  5. Hello. Actually I have read a mystery set on Easter Island. Written a few years ago by Canadian mystery author, Lyn Hamilton. Pretty darned good too. Lots of background information about the island and the people who live there. Recommended.

    So, yes from me… I’d like to see someone else tackle the location. Exotic, romantic, intriguing, unusual… and it hasn’t been “done” for a while!

  6. I’m thinking that could be fun, Laurie! Love the pic of you and your wild-haired man!

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