Language of Bees takes to the air!

The Language of Bees has a trailer, thanks to the fantabulous creativity of Two Rock Media:


  1. Yea! I can’t wait to pick up my copy and start reading!

  2. strawberry curls says:


  3. Diane W. says:

    Wow, this was great! I think I’ll re-read the book right away.

  4. Laraine says:

    For a whole variety of reasons, budget among them, I’ve broken from my usual habit of dashing out to obtain the book-in-hand, and have begun listening to the Language of Bees audiobook, thanks to the fabulous Santa Monica Library’s association with NetLibrary. So I find it particularly charming to know there’s a trailer out there . . . where there’s a trailer, there will surely follow a film . . . !

  5. Ann Burns says:

    I have just started the Language of Bees and love this trailer. Laurie’s descriptions of the countryside paint the exact pictures in this very clever trailer and the voice of Carol Burns, while not exactly the same one in my head, does justice to Mary Russell.

  6. Brilliant!

  7. Fabulous! I love having pictures and a voice to put with the words. Only now I’m waiting for the movie 🙂

  8. This was beautiful. I especially loved the views of the downs and the smooth glide to the interior of the house, paired images of coming home coupled with Holmes’s fear of confinement. I’m old enough to still find book trailers a bit “odd” as a genre, but this one was a great response to the “why?” of doing one.

  9. La Donna says:

    So now I have Carol Burns in my head as Mary Russell’s voice and I keeping seeing Alan Rickman as Holmes. I never considered Rickman before but now … yes indeed. That voice ….

  10. kentster says:

    loved the book, have both print and kindle edition. it’s on Audible too! now a movie!! What is next? we eagerly await the sequel.

  11. AmyLizzie says:

    Wow! I would love to see Holmes and Russell on film – only if I could play Russell though, lol 😀

  12. Love Laurie R. King’s books about Russell and Holmes. I would also love to see any one of her books as a movie.

  13. Just finished it ~ wonderful as always! Now I’m re-reading the series backwards; only Monstrous and Apprentice left. I’ve always tried to visualize who would play Holmes and Russell as well, and after seeing La Donna’s post, I agree that Alan Rickman would be great. I’ve always pictured Cate Blanchett as Russell.

  14. Bill Mosteller says:

    This is soooooo cool. I can hardly wait for the movie!!

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