La vida robot

Three years ago (good heavens!) I posted about a story in Wired magazine concerning four Phoenix high school students who won a national contest to build an underwater robot, beating students from places like MIT. Wired has done a followup on the four, an article that just makes me happy.

Oscar, Cristian, Luis, and Lorenzo, you guys rule.


  1. Wired must have changed the location of the orig article so the La Lada Robot link didn’t work. Since your posting intrigued me so I located the article and here is the url for the anyone else nterested

    sorry you’ll have to cut & paste – I’m not sure if I can include a link in a comment posting.

  2. Thanks for this–I’ve added it to this post since the old link is a dud.


  3. Hi again,
    FYI It seems the followup link is actually the orig story, I can’t find the followup story.

  4. Here is the correct link. Thanks for the heads-up!

  5. A great story, both then and now, worth all the hunting around to find them.

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