Kate books giveaway!

The fabulous Picador has set up a giveaway for their re-issued paperbacks of the first three Kate Martinelli books, A Grave Talent, To Play the Fool, and With Child.  Their sweepstakes is here.

A Grave Talent


  1. haven’t read any of these series but am always looking for new, fabulous mysteries!

  2. Drat. I’m a technophobe. No Facebook. (Though having WhatsApp must surely now count…? Sly grin)

    When oh when are we getting lovely UK reissues of these wonderful books?


  3. Carol Vanderwalker says:

    The couple books by her that I have read encourage me to delve deeper.

  4. Unfortunately, I’m also not on Facebook.

  5. Not on facebook either. Any chance of seeing more of ms Martinelli? My fiction preferences run SF/F, for you, I make an exception.

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