It’s been good to know you

I\’e2\’80\’99m afraid these interminable spam postings have been the final blow for me with this blog. I\’e2\’80\’99ve enjoyed it lots, but the time has come to concentrate on that part of my life that normally takes place before six in the morning.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to seeing you all at events.

Happy April, everyone.


But honestly, fellow, if you read these things before dumping your cute but unrelated essays and contests in my comments file, I think the consensus is that nobody else wants them. So stop, please.


  1. Oh. Ouch. I wasn’t prepared for that–the first “gotcha” of April Fool’s Day for me! Glad it’s just that! Cheers!

  2. Vicki Larson says:

    I almost burst into tears. So glad it was only a joke! I LOVE YOUR BLOG.

  3. OMG I nearly died! Too funny! 😀

    Laurie, if you quit the blog we may just have to stalk you, you know. So don’t. Now, doesn’t that make you feel nice and safe? 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hmm? I’m confused, Laurie. Maybe you should give us your definition of the SPAM you don’t want on your site. I though the blog was about exchanging ideas and support … silly me! If it’s just about feeding your ego, I’m out of here. I mean, I enjoy your books, but there’s only so much of “oooh, Laurie, you’re wonderful” that I can stomach on a daily basis. I like reading comments from other readers around (and outside of) the United States … seeing what your remarks evoke from very different people. I like hearing about new mysteries that others have enjoyed, too. Is this stuff SPAM to you? Puzzled and Perplexed

  5. crimeficreader says:

    A strange post, but it’s your blog and your communication to the world in general… All tongue in cheek, I’m sure, and what a laugh!

    As a result of the man’s heckling, nagging, enthusiasm and encouragement, (Chris, in case you didn’t work it out…), I am now reading “A Grave Talent”) and enjoying it greatly. A good book, even the first 35 page sets the reader up for a nice mystery!

    Best, always.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The spam is the LONG post about the 1500’s and other extremely long on and on about something that doesn’t apply. Am I right?

  7. riobonito says:

    Ho Ho, if my middle aged brain recalls last year on April first, she said something to the effect ‘good-bye’ to the Russel series, I remember my heart sinking…got me again! On to merrier fun things..lets see, Spam is really important in Hawaii..LOL! Let’s leave it there!

  8. CaraSusanetta says:

    Maybe there’s a setting to block anonymous postings…I thought I saw one. Anyway, ya got me too. Very happy it was a prank!

  9. *grin*

    Glad you are staying with us, is great to hear your toils over writing, and views on other matters.


  10. There was a second there beore I remembered April Fools Day had snuck up on me again…good going!

  11. Maybe my joke will be to get one of these posts in without any tpyo’s one of these days! (big sigh!)

  12. AlyssC01 says:

    You nearly killed me!!!
    Happy April to you too ma’am. That was mean!! LOL, we’re not that use to April Fool so I never see it coming.
    Take care and thanks for this Blog!! It’s great.

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