Holmes and Russell on the big screen?

I just received permission from my Hollywood agent to let you all know about the following letter she sent me recently:

Dear Laurie,
I know you said in that conversation we had last fall that you didn’t think Jeremy Irons would be quite right for the part of Holmes, but we have received a thoughtful and creative proposal from his production company concerning The Beekeeper’s Apprentice. Would you permit us to open discussion about the project?

I said sure, always happy to talk, thinking nothing would come of it, but today I hear that they’re excited, going ahead with it, and want to put it on their fast track.

So, friends, what do we think about Irons as Holmes?

(And say, does anyone know what the date is?)


  1. LaideeMarjorie says:

    I am so glad that we can finally discuss this exciting news. What you don’t know yet, Laurie, is that Jessica Simpson has also been attached to the project as Mary Russell with Daniel Day Lewis as Dr. Watson and Helen Mirren as Mrs. Hudson. The Coen Brothers will be directing as well as doing the screenplay. Oh, and they hope that you won’t mind that they are changing the ending. Patricia Donleavy kills everyone and the film will be done as a flashback from the point of view of Russell’s aunt.

    The date??? No, I don’t know nothing about no stinkin’ date.


  2. I am/was so excited – then I remembered reading in the VBC that you have been know to post mischievously on this day! (x-ing fingers ) Please tell me this is true!!!
    Certainly Marjorie doesn’t think so, unless she has even less faith than me in hollywood version of a perfectly good story if left true to your telling.

  3. Carlina says:

    *dies* I HAVE BEEN SAYING JEREMY IRONS AS SHERLOCK HOLMES FOR YEARSSSS!!!! Sorry, didn’t mean to yell…Srsly, I have…really…I can post the link from http://www.holmesian.net. That’s no April Fool’s joke either…

    Actually I was thinking more of Joan Plowright as Mrs. Hudson. I think I’m also the only one that advocates Phil Collins as Dr. Watson (with a ‘roland rat’). There, I said it…it’s out in the open now….As for Russell, well, that’s a tough call.

    What…can’t a girl dream? Especially on today’s date…

  4. Marjorie,

    [The date??? No, I don’t know nothing about no stinkin’ date. ]

    You sure as heck knew about it this morning! You knew reeeeal good. Please won’t you tell what you did? It was priceless. I’m sure any doubts you had about Ms. King’s reaction to an April Fool’s joke have been put to rest.


  5. That was very naughty. Poor little dashed hopes! *Sob*

  6. Strawberry Curls says:

    [Patricia Donleavy kills everyone and the film will be done as a flashback from the point of view of Russell’s aunt.]

    Marjorie, there are hidden depths to you lady, or should I say Laidee. This really tickled me, as did your other post. Great way to start off a month, well done on all fronts.


  7. Gerlinde says:

    Oh, that was cruel, Ms King!! Just for a moment there you had me! 🙂

    That said, I do think that Jeremy Irons would make a brilliant Holmes!

    And thank you for yet another superb joke!! 🙂


  8. Well, I think Daniel Day-Lewis would make a good Holmes. And Cate Blachett for Russell.Vanessa Redgrave for Donlevy.

    Thanks for the imagination.


  9. Alas, Jeremy Brett is the only Sherlock Holmes for me. (And yes, even gullible-old-me gets that it’s !April Fools!)

    Does anyone else think that Keira Knightley would be an interesting choice to play Russell? (It’s the jaw line that reminds me of Mary.) The eye color is all wrong, but there are always contact lenses …

    Keira Knightley 1

    Keira Knightley 2

  10. tangential1 says:

    [Jessica Simpson has also been attached to the project as Mary Russell]

    *cringe* I’ve never seen a better example of antithesis…

    Speaking of Russell, there is a woman at my knitting group who is spot on Russell…height, build, hair color…even glasses! I had to try very, very hard not to gape and exclaim, “What are you doing out of the pages of your book?!” 😉

    Major difference, of course, being that this woman is a professional violinist.

  11. KathyElliot says:

    You are pulling our legs. Or you are not. Or you are pulling our legs in making us think that you are pulling our legs! Oh gerfuddle! I’m stopping the gobbledygook before it eats me. (And saying, just for the record, that I shall always be rooting for Hugh Laurie. The Russell Holmes running happily in my mind is married to one Sherlock who looks just like him. ^v^’)

  12. Devorah says:

    Jeremy Irons would be perfect….Simpson is a cringer….I would vote for Keira Knightly with different hair color, obviously, but she is so bright, and has the slim boyish body that would suit…..O that it were true! What fun….

  13. So it’s the 2nd and we can do the “casting” discussion as we wish!
    Mark Rylance (ex Globe) for Holmes – in principle not quite tall enough, but he can act anything, and he has the depth to play Holmes, although the Holmes in my mind will always be Jeremy Brett.
    I am no fan of Jeremy Irons, but I do think that his wife, Sinead Cusack would be a great Mrs.Hudson.
    Is Glenn Close too old for Donleavy? She can do villainess so beautifully!

  14. Roxanne says:

    Wait! What? What/where is Laidee Marjorie’s “other post?”

  15. Strawberry Curls says:

    Roxanne, it was on the Letters_Of_Mary yahoo list. If you want further info PM me on the VBC or send me an email.

    AKA Strawberry Curls

  16. Found it! Thanks, Alice. I actually had looked for the post there, but I guess I didn’t look hard enough.

    Funny. And bad. Very bad. 😉

  17. Beekeeper movie would be wonderful, but remember, it’s a long way from inquiry to the silver screen!

  18. Just wanted to throught Sandra Bullocks name into the hopper for Russell!

  19. Aimeegirl33 says:

    Oooh, Jeremy Irons. Awesome!!! I have always wanted to see what Mary Russell looked like on screen. Jeremy Irons as Sherlock Holmes would be unbelievably awesome!!!! He playes Sherlock Holmes on BBC television, did he not?

  20. that was suppose to read ‘through out’ -oops!

  21. Just to be clear: yes, April Fools.

    Thanks for playing.


  22. Oh cruel, cruel, woman! Our hopes were raised for a moment there, and then you dashed them. Sigh…
    Oh well… good job of fooling us all! 🙂 If only for a moment.

  23. e- gad I went from bad to worst. What I was trying to say was THROW OUT (where is edit, when you really need it. Since I’m here anyway another actress who comes to mind is Geena Davis who happens to be 6’ and athletic.

  24. HappyCrab says:

    Can’t say I’m too familiar with who Jeremy Irons is, but upon looking through the exclamations of agreement and disagreement, I spotted Hugh Laurie as a recommendation for the part of Holmes, and I have to say that he would be incredibly perfect for the role: a disgruntled, curmudgeonly man, frustrated with the gift of intelligence brightens with the reminder of Russell’s youth and quick mind.
    Yes. Perfect. And Hugh would get to speak normally, which is absolutely fabulous to the ears. The only thing to be cautious of would be a possible run-in with the character he plays on “MD House,” which is a little too dark and bitter for Holmes’ character, though they are somewhat similar.
    All the same, as long as someone is casted who can pull-off Holmes’ sexy wit and stoic manner, I don’t particularly mind who plays the role. Bring on the film!

  25. HappyCrab says:

    Keira as Russell is perfect. ‘Course the script would have to pose as her brains, but that’s commonly what it’s there for. Apart from the issue of intelligence, she has the same firey personality and physique that Mary has. She wouldn’t be a bad choice.

  26. erinelizabeth says:

    It’s AtypicalSororityGirl from the VBC, but I haven’t been there in FOREVER because college is, well, in the way. HOWEVER . . . MY Two Cents:

    –I want them to make BEEK a film like mad.

    –CATE BLANCHETT as Donleavy . . . would be perfect! She can be chilling, a la “Notes on a Scandal,” and she would fit the profile for long, blonde hair (“Holmes? What if the man we’re looking for is a woman?”)

    –I can’t think of who I would want to be Russell. Gwenyth Paltrow can pull of the crossdressing, as we know from “Shakespeare in Love,” and is a tall blonde. But, idk. I actually think the part should go to me: I know every line in the book, and I’m naturally blonde and wear glasses/contacts. Except, I’m not super tall. Darn! Shameless.

    –Holmes? JEREMY IRONS.

    –This would be one AMAAAZING movie, and it would make my young life more complete.

  27. erinelizabeth says:

    Thought of something:
    Jodhi May could play Russell, perhaps.

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