Here, and away virtually

Six days: one 7:30 a.m. pickup, two 6:00s, and one 4 a.m.; nine full-fledged events of sixty to ninety minutes; two television and one radio spot; twenty drop-in chats with booksellers; four states; six cities; four plane flights; four escorts; four limo drivers; hundreds of greetings and handshakes; a few thousand autographs (my signature used to have letters in it, before I was a writer).

Touching down home, off again briefly on Tuesday for the Bay Area, and then I can scratch my head and wonder about that book I’m supposed to be writing.

And today there’s a poll being held over at the Lipstick Chronicles, where I’ll be guesting next week, to ask if the blog readers would prefer a full frontal “f” word in my post or the coy ** in the middle. Do contribute your voice.


  1. Isn’t travel fun … (erg!)
    Nevertheless, despite all attempts at ex-city mouse air of unflappability, was thrilled to the news – relayed by a friend who just called – that you’re coming to visit our neighborhood, over here in Concord/Clayton, CA on Wednesday. Hope your travels aren’t too rigorous, and will look f’ward to meeting you, thanking you for marvelous writing, at Clayton Books!

  2. Can’t wait to read your blog. TLC is loads of fun and I’m sure you’ll make a fabulous addition to its guest list!

  3. I voted! I’m looking forward to the visit on Saturday with the excellent TLC ladies and their readers.

  4. tangential1 says:

    *wince* 4am….is an ungodly hour. Let me just say that I really, really appreciate all your efforts:)

    And I have been bouncing for days in anticipation of seeing you again (I think I’ve been to one of your book events for every book since Keeping Watch) tomorrow in Berkeley=)

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