Headstones, Obituaries, and MURDER

The first entry has come in for this year’s contest: Bob chose the visual approach, and gives us his impression of Mary Russell’s headstone:Tombstone 1Note the throwing knife and pipe at the stone’s top? Also his decision to obscure the date of our heroine’s death, althoughI will say the stone looks alarmingly…old.

The contest closes March 29. Send me your visual images of Mary Russell’s headstone, OR your written obituary as it appeared–or WILL appear–in the Times of London, according to the rules here, and you could win a sweet little iPad mini to tuck your Russells into. Also a fresh hardback copy of the book itself.IMG_1303

For inspiration, you might want to ease your way into the events with a nice juicy long excerpt: here.

Or you can assume that this indomitable lady keeps entertaining us all well into the 21st century, your choice.

You could even design a false headstone or obituary, because we all know that Sherlock Holmes wasn’t the only detective to pretend to be dead for a while.

Again, the contest entry is here, and I so look forward to what you all come up with.  Let the fantasy begin!



  1. Merrily Taylor says:

    That is a very suitably creepy and haunting gravestone picture!

  2. Bob Rude says:

    Thank You!!!

  3. Janis Kiehl Harrison says:

    That’s a pretty good gravestone, though I would picture it differently.

    And I began the excerpt, then jerked myself out of it. No! No! No more teases, tastes, torture!

    I shall wait for my turn at the entire thing. And then I shall devour it.

  4. Renee Ripley in Portland Oregon says:

    That is an awesome picture Bob. It evokes such a sense of foreboding.
    You’ve a great deal of talent.
    Good for you for entering the contest!

  5. If Mary dies, I don’t want to read it!!!

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