Guess the gent?

You need another hint as to the natty gent’s identity?  Here’s a photo of me (looking quizzical, which is quite appropriate) with his bronzed version (no, that’s not a euphemism for drunk.) It was taken in March:


  1. Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa,a Portuguese poet, writer, literary critic and translator of Lisbon, Portugal.

  2. Laidee Marjorie says:

    Roxanne, although I love your answer, I am still going with James Joyce (and I believe that statue of him is in Dublin. I have never been to Ireland, wish I could go!


  3. Marjorie:

    At first I thought of James Joyce, until I looked at the clues.

    Check out the photo of the author and, lower down, of the statue here: Fernando Pessoa

  4. Okay, so my link isn’t working. Here:


  5. Laidee Marjorie says:

    Oh, and I see that Laura had already guessed the (correct?) answer on the Facebook page! Go going, Laura.


  6. Laurie King says:

    Roxanne’s got it, congratulations!

    I’ll send you an email about it…

  7. Laidee Marjorie says:

    Roxanne!!! Congratulations! You’re a genius. Of course, you are, you are a librarian!

    (And where is the delete button so that I can take down all of my stupid James Joyce remarks???)

    And here, by the way, is the Joyce statue (that I didn’t look up before posting) that made me think it was him:

    -Marjorie (skulking away)

  8. Marjorie:

    I can absolutely see why you thought it was James Joyce. That was one of my first ideas.

    But the “Tower of Belem” (located in the Belém district of Lisbon, Portugal)and “Alis Ubo” (the Phoenician name for Lisbon) — both found in the page of text angled under the photograph — and then the sign behind Laurie in the ‘hint’ photograph that says “A Brasileira” (one of the oldest and most famous cafés in the old quarter of Lisbon) didn’t fit Joyce.

    So …

    I can’t believe I won! Yippeee!


  9. Fernando Pessoa

  10. Fernando Pessoa

    Marjorie, type in the cafe name into google….

  11. Congrats Roxanne.

  12. Thanks!

  13. Fernando Pessoa, in Lisbon

  14. So last night, rather than working on fine tuning a presentation for the library conference I am in the midst of, I started hunting down the natty gent Fernando. And as I am wont to do (which explains why I am a cataloger and NOT a reference librarian) I got seriously side-tracked. Did you know that in 1924 (April I think?) Buster Keaton released a movie entitled “Sherlock, Jr.”?

  15. Oh, La Donna, I do the same thing. “Side-tracked” is my middle name. Can you tell that I am a cataloguig librarian, too?

  16. Cataloguers we may be but it is so nice of Laurie to provide us with the opportunities to sharpen our reference skills!!

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