Giveaway the First

[Giveaway closed now, thanks for reading!]

To celebrate the publication of The Bones of Paris in six weeks, we are doing three giveaways. Today is the first.
I have four copies of the previous Stuyvesant & Grey adventure, Touchstone, in the UK hardback edition published by Poisoned Pen Press some years ago. They’re signed, they’re very beautiful, and they’re yours for the trying.
Simply make a comment on this blog post (don’t worry if it takes a while to appear–I have to approve new posters, but I promise I will) and we’ll do a random drawing for one of the four copies. US, UK, or UZbekistan, doesn’t matter.
Bonne chance!



  1. Pamela Ossorio says:

    I’m re-reading “The Moor’, and can’t wait for “The Bones of Paris”. I’ve misplaced “The Bee Keeper’s Apprentice”, so I NEED a new LRK!

  2. Kathe Gust says:

    As usual, I appreciate you bringing out the new book in time for my birthday. It always solves my sister’s problem on what to give me in such a happy way for both of us!

  3. I am very excited about a new book. I love your work Laurie. Your book “The Beekeeper’s Apprentice” launched me into the world of reading in grade 7 as I had never experience it before. It changed me into a life long reader overnight. I went from being blase about reading to loving it because of you. Thank you.
    <3 Corrie

  4. Christine Pak says:

    love your books. I have all the Russell/Holmes series. I have listened to them on audio so many times I could recite the dialogue. Iam looking forward to “Bones of Paris”.

  5. Love your books! So excited for the new release!!!

  6. I especially love the Russell/Holmes books!

  7. Delighted to finally be able to share my appreciation for hours and hours of wonderful adventures with Russell and Holmes. Thank you!!

  8. Looking forward to the new book.

  9. Paul Gallipeo says:

    Just finished the Anne Waverly novel–don’t know how I missed it, but I did! I was impressed with complexity and realism of the main character. You should do her again!

  10. Thanks for the chance to win! I love your books.

  11. Always in need of a good read!

  12. Love your books! Thanks for opportunity!

  13. Love the Laurie King books, and ADORE the approved scone recipe!! Made them for Christmas brunch.

  14. Please come back to Seattle!

  15. Ann Miller says:

    Looking forward to seeing you at Bookshop SC!

  16. Cynthia Ejiogu says:

    Love your books and hope I win!

  17. Elizabeth Jones says:

    How about a book signing in Port Alsworth, AK?! A little off the beaten path, but there’s a Laurie King fan here!

  18. Christina says:

    Why on earth did I write Brides revisited, when I meant Brideshead revisited by Evelyn Waugh? Sorry about that!

  19. Marie Cécile says:

    Hope we will see you soon in Paris !

  20. Anxiously awaiting “The Bones of Paris”! Would love a book signing in the New England area.

  21. Tara Russell says:

    As always, looking forward to the new book, and then to introducing a few more people to the worlds created by Laurie R King 🙂

  22. Elizabeth P says:

    At this point, Mary Russell feels like a dear friend. But perhaps she wouldn’t mind if I branched out and read Touchstone? Can’t wait to try it and Bones of Paris (best book title ever!), too.

  23. Katherine B says:

    I’m very excited to meet a new character. Plus, Paris has long been my favourite city, even though I don’t live there.
    I can’t wait until Bones of Paris comes to New Zealand.

  24. Maryann C. says:

    Having just discovered your book in the past few months, I am now happily reading all I can find. Have read all the Kate M. series and am moving on to Mary Russell. Would love to win a new book. It’s been a good summer for reading.

  25. Jan Pruitt says:

    Always excited when a new book by you comes out! I just downsized (800 books went to the Friends of the Library in Tuscaloosa, AL), but if I should be fortunate to win the autographed book, I’ll be honored to give it prime space on my slimmed-down bookshelves!

  26. Ellen Simmons says:

    Well, I thought I’d read all of Ms. King’s books, but somehow I missed Touchstone. Yikes quelle domage or maybe just MERDE! I will get me to the library posthaste! If I don’t win this stunning copy I’ll buy it to add to my LRK collection. BTW, I am trying to figure out Pinterest so I can be part of that fun too.

  27. What a wonderful gift to your readers! Thank you, Laurie, for this fun opportunity!

  28. michael christofield says:

    I discovered The Beekeeper’s Apprentice in a box of books when I was a kid and have been hooked since. Although I’ve primarily been reading the Mary Russell series, I’ve since crossed over to the Kate Martinelli series with The Art of Detection and found that series just as enjoyable. Clearly you are a grave talent. OK, that was cheesy. But thanks for writing entertaining books.

  29. Shirley Francis says:

    To have a signed copy of a book from a favourite author, is very special. Hope I’m lucky.

  30. Ginia Magers says:

    I am certain that I am fairly obsessed with Laurie King’s work! I am going to be using birthday money, student loan money, dropped change from the sidewalk… to purchase full sets. Would love to win to add to collection!!!

  31. A shiny new signed edition would be an outstanding addition to my otherwise well-thumbed and dog-eared collection of your works. 🙂

  32. Frances Goodson Wang says:

    I always buy multiple copies of your new books, first editions, hardback of course, to keep for my children’s future wealth!
    I am a Sherlockian who appreciates how happy Russell makes dear Sherlock. I have read and enjoyed all of your series, though.
    I was one of the original Letters of Mary group.
    How times flies…..

  33. Would love to win this. My wife is a huge fan and she’s got me hooked on the Russell series (I’m only through book 2, but I’ll catch up soon)

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