First Draft to Proof: The Language of Bees (2)

We’re posting the actual first pages of The Language of Bees, as an illustration of the rewrite process.  Yesterday’s first draft has become today’s final proof page (if you have trouble reading this image or yesterday’s, just try clicking on it):



  1. Thanks for posting these – it’s great to see into the process.

    Although, I hope “homecoming” was changed to “homecomings” before printing!

  2. Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!!!!

    I refuse to read any more until the book is in my hands!!

  3. Oh this is so fun. It’s amazing, what a sense of Russell’s voice there is the second go-around versus the first. Thanks for letting us in on the process!

  4. Brilliant! I am so excited to read this!

    You are fantastic.

  5. Meags2387 says:

    More please!!!!

  6. I liked what I read yesterday — really liked it — but it’s amazing how much tighter the proof is.

  7. Wonderful to hear that Russell voice again, even if faintly, from a distance; it is like the postcard announcing a beloved friend will be in town later in the spring, would you like to visit? Thanks, Laurie. May the heavens and all your loved ones be kind (or quiet, or sparkling, or mad, whatever you all need in the moment) as Noel’s absence becomes clearer and the futility of negotiation for his physical presence becomes more pronounced. May his spirit truly be at peace, and/or enjoying exploring what comes next.

  8. Mary Achor says:

    You are such a tease. I, like everyone else, can barely wait.

  9. Ooooo!!!! When can we see more??

  10. This look at your work is fascinating. On a different subject: I just finished Touchstone, and I loved it. Simply loved it. I couldn’t stop reading, wanted to eat and drink it up.

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