Russellscape is an “endless landscape” or myriorama—a series of panels that, when placed edge to edge, form a continuous image, like the view from a moving train.

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1. Jean Lukens
“The Beekeeper’s Apprentice”. Pen and ink and colored pencil
2. Bret Herholz
“Two Shabby Figures” (based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice). Pen and ink and photoshop
sabrinaflynn janes
Sabrina Flynn, from Dreaming Spies.  DigitalCollage based on 1800-1900 Japanese artwork. Jane S. from Locked Rooms chapter 2.  Colored pencil.



3. Heather Neill
“The Beecharmer” (based on an original oil painting by the artist)
4. Sara McClelland
“Away” based on O Jerusalem (Church of the Holy Sepulchre), The Game (a palace in India), and Locked Rooms (The St Francis Hotel, San Francisco.)
Pencil, colored pencil, crayon


5. Sara McClelland
“Home” (based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice). Pencil, colored pencil, crayon
6. Canzonett Canzone
“Russell mapping the world” (O Jerusalem, chapter 2). Crayon, ink, pencil


7. Charlotte Cooper“Coming into Jerusalem” (O Jerusalem); watercolor pencil and ink. Laurie R. King “Nakasendo Road from Dreaming Spies”; Hokusai art collage



10. Rori Shapiro
Based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice; guache



11. Wanda Kalgren (Bachi)
Mary Russell, expert knife thrower (based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice and O Jerusalem); Photoshop, markers and Slick Stix.
12. Bill Edwards
Based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Ch. 6; Corel Painter Essentials 4.


russelscape tile

14. Molly Armstrong
Based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice, Chapter 6; pencil and digital media.
Sara McClelland, from Dreaming Spies, in colored pencil



15. Kerry Kilburn Based on The Beekeeper’s Apprentice; ink, crayon, colored pencil. 16. Kerry Kilburn Based on Locked Rooms; ink, crayon, colored pencil.


18. Sara McClelland Language of Bees Based on images provided on website for The Language of Bees; colored pencil.  Canzonett, Dreaming Spies; Mixed Media
cherylwolder annemesmer
Cheryl Wolder, from opening scene of Dreaming Spies; colored pencils and black ink Anne Messmer, from Dreaming Spies; oil pastels
melissacoutino lindahay
Melissa Coutiño, from chapter 1 of Beekeeper’s Apprentice; digital painting Linda Hay, from Dreaming Spies; acrylic paint and watercolor pencils
Sandy Brewster, from chapter 1 of Beekeeper’s Apprentice; colored pencils


#21: Charlotte Cooper
“The Bee’s Eye View”
Encaustic  (beeswax,
resin, and pigment)
#22: Irene Pitcairn
Locked Rooms, Chapter 2 & 3 —
Judith after the quake
Digital painting — GIMP

#23: Sara McClelland
Lake District, God of the Hive
Colored pencil
#25: Bonnie Gladys
The Language of Bees,
Chapter 8; Russell reading
Holmes’ magnum opus
Permanent Marker & Colored pencil

#26: Olivia Moriah
The God of the Hive, Chapter 1
Coloured Pencils and Markers
#28: Joyce Weiner
The Language of Bees, Chapter 47
Pencil/colored pencil
#29: Bill Edwards
The God of the Hive, Chapter 1; The Language of Bees, Chapters 42-3
Corel Painter Essentials 4
#30: Mike Savage,
Acrylic on Bristol board
#31: Navarre
The Language of Bees,
Prismacolor Pencils
Katy Accetta
The Language of Bees (chapters 10 & 12)
Ink & colored pencils