Parrot King

Parrot King is a short-short story I wrote for people to have fun with, and to keep them from chewing their nails in the weeks leading up to Pirate King. It’s meant to be illustrated. For prizes. Print off the story and instructions by clicking here.

Click images to enlarge.

Sara McClelland Allison Nast Lindsay Slater
Lisa Lee Merrick Shirley Bomgaars
Veronica Adrover Cinasee Tapee Henry Alexander, age 2.5
Lynda Sexton-Kellett Debra C. Thomas Elizabeth M
Christina Jacobson Beth Lee-De Amici Bill Edwards
Jenny Parks Sara Heinzelmann

Coloring Outside the Lines

These submissions aren’t on the Parrot King story page, but they’re fun anyway:

Angelo Cabrales Daniela Herrera Edwin Garcia
Jasmine Chochom Jessica Ramirez Noe Perez
Oliver Sanders Betty Harris, needlework