Beekeeper Cover Art

Even before The Beekeeper’s Apprentice was published in January of 1994, the book wore some interesting cover art. Below are a few examples, including one that St Martin’s Press proposed some months before. Fortunately they listened to their author’s plaintive cries and changed it to one of greater dignity.

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beekeeper-135_small Scan 142370034-3
The original proposed St Martin’s Press cover Japan United Kingdom France Thailand
beekeeper-136_small beekeeper-137_small beekeeper-138_small beekeeper-uk-paperback-2000 Scan 142370043
US trade paperback US mass market (1) US mass market (2) UK mass market Korea
beekeeper-140_small beekeeper-141_small beekeeper-143_small beekeeper-144_small Scan 142370032
Germany Holland Poland Denmark Thailand
beekeeper-139_small Beekeeper's Apprent#11FA9AD  
Sweden  U.S.