Art in the Blood

“Art in the blood is liable to take the strangest forms…”

…muses Sherlock Holmes, speculating that the artists in his family might have passed on their eye for detail.

Similarly, art in the blood of a community of enthusiastic readers is liable to take many other forms as well. Here in LRK’s world, we celebrate and encourage that artistic impulse—and if you’re inspired to contribute a piece of your own, to see it on the walls of the Beekeeper’s Gallery, do get in touch.


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The Russellscape is an endless landscape of Russell and Holmes-related images, set to unroll across the screen like landscape from a train window.

Beekeeper’s Gallery


Cosplay, artwork, tattoos, photographs–art of all kinds.  See more here.

Illustrated Parrot King

For the Ten Weeks of Laurie ARrrgh! King, leading up to the publication of Pirate King, Laurie’s original short-short story was set up on a page with room for your illustration.  To see all of the gorgeous, fun, and sometimes silly submissions, please visit the Parrot King page.

Sara McClelland Allison Nast Lindsay Slater


Mary Russell Colo(u)ring Book

Simple ink drawings, suitable for coloring, that depict a scene from one of the books–Kim’s picture of Russell at the American Colony (from O Jerusalem) is an example (click to enlarge):

For more, click here.








Illuminated MyStory

Ms Mary Russell’s explanation of how she came to send her memoirs to Laurie R. King became a short story called “MyStory.”  In 2010, we turned “MyStory” into an illuminated manuscript. For instructions, details, and inspiration, visit the Illuminated MyStory page, or download the PDF.

Cover Art

beekeeper-132_smallbeekeeper-143_smallEven before The Beekeeper’s Apprentice was published in January of 1994, the book wore some interesting cover art. Below are a few examples, including one that St Martin’s Press proposed some months before. Fortunately they listened to their author’s plaintive cries and changed it to one of greater dignity.

See more covers here.