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Laurie spoke to Bill Kenower of Author Magazine about The Bones of Paris. Read their interview here.

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Laurie did an interview

And in an article about lesbian mystery fiction.

Two interviews on the online monthly Mystery Readers find LRK interviewing Michael Connolly, then Mystery Readers find LRK being interviewed by Dana Stabenow. Find out why Laurie’s house smelled of skunk two years ago!

This interview with Laurie, which was the first in the Celebration of the West writers series, sponsored by the “Friends” of the UCSC and public libraries of Santa Cruz.

Here’s another recent article that (its author thought) was cleverly titled “She’s no Dr. Watson…”

In other gossip and news, you can look up interesting facts, and other Mystery writers at the site “Stop, You’re Killing Me.Com”……

A piece by Mia Stampe, entitled “Laurie R King and the phenomenon Mary Russell”, for the “Danish Baker Street Irregulars” newsletter can be read over here. Or for a directory of all interviews by Mia Stampe of LRK, go to her “Articles, Eccentric Writings, etc…” page.

“Yes, Laurie R. King is a mystery writer and a mighty readable one. She has two series: One with a detective who is a lesbian San Francisco police officer named Kate Martinelli. This series tends to be a bit on the dark, contemporary side, although it won’t have you reaching for the Prozac bottle like, say, Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta books. Her other series features Mary Russell, a turn-of-the-century feminist scholar who meets up with Sherlock Holmes. Now, I normally do not like writers who piggyback their characters onto the work of other, more celebrated writers, but King does a good job with Russell. I highly recommend both series. ” (from the Tow Truck driver’s guide)

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