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Gay and Lesbian Life

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A Cautionary Tale

A Grave Talent mystery

Kate’s Life in Crime

A Grave Talent (1993) introduces new SFPD homicide inspector Katarina Cecilia Martinelli to her partner, Alonzo Hawkin.

In To Play the Fool (1995), Kate and Al encounter a modern-day Holy Fool on the streets of San Francisco

With Child (1996) immerses Kate in the linked cases of two missing children, one of them very close to her.

In Night Work (2000), Kate and Al come face to face with the violent goddess Kali, or at least, with Kali’s modern-day equivalents.

The Art of Detection (2006) immerses Kate in two investigative worlds, one of which is eighty years old but has some surprisingly modern twists. Read an excerpt here.


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