Every so often, Laurie either writes something, or has a piece she’s written for someone, that she imagines might be of interest to the outside world.  Those odds and ends get put here, as a background to the books, as an encouragement to academic nosiness, or to celebrate the creativity of the community of LRK readers.

Or, just because Laurie liked them.

For a glimpse into the world of Mary Russell.

To see the world, and particularly San Francisco, through Kate Martinelli’s eyes.

Laurie’s thoughts on writing the Standalone novels.

See fifteen years of covers, fan art, and Russellscapes at The Beekeeper’s Gallery.

Laurie’s musings, on all manner of things: from being Laurie King to Why the Mystery novel?; from God to Sherlock Holmes; from feminism to San Francisco (including a map and audio tour)—all gathered under the LRK on: Whatever section.

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