Enough with the Sherlock, already

You know you’ve been doing too many events with a writer when:


  1. Um, congratulations? Or maybe not!

  2. I’d love to hear what Sharon, who no doubt (and for good reason) thinks SHE is Les Klinger’s wife, thinks about this!

  3. Hah! Lucky Les–didn’t know he was going to get a wife from this project! Or, is that, another wife!? BTW, I’m loving the book . . . absorbing it a few pages at a time for the sheer pleasure of savoring each writer’s approach.

  4. Marianne Murphy says:

    That is fabulous! I experienced several seconds of ohmygoodnesswhendidthishappenandhowdidI managetomissthatandofcoursepeopleareveryprivateandwhyshouldIknowalltheirbusinessjustbecauseI
    lovetheirwriting…oh, wait. Read the title of the post, Murphy. (I love Holmes, but I believe it is Watson I most resemble…).

  5. Am I the only one who then thought…Wait! The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes is 3 volumes, not 2!


  6. I suspect you experienced a Samuel L. Clements (aka Mark Twain) moment .. Reports of my death … etc.

    How did your Significant Other and Father of your Children react?

  7. Goodness, you really DID have a busy 2011. You just forgot to mention some of it.

  8. oh my, u had someone over on the content seriously scratching her head over that one.

  9. …continent….

  10. Heidi Mason says:

    I see I’m not the only one who noticed the term “wife” in there. 😉

  11. Meredith T. says:

    Hmm. So did Les join one of the more underground sects in Utah and kinda … do something unusual? Look around in case there’s some guy hollering “No, she’s your widow!”

    And in any case, I’ll be there with bells on. (and this might lead to SRO)//Meredith

  12. Too many events, too many books–we have to stop meeting like this! People will talk! (Oh–they did.)


  13. This would be a good plot for a nice mystery if it weren’t such a hilarious type error. …Or maybe not. Depends whether someone gets shot for it.

  14. yikes!!!

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