One of the things we expect in fiction is that it gives us a different view of the world: another climate, a different culture, an alternate view of bravery, responsibility, ethics.

One of the daily miracles of modern life is the flowering of all kinds of different views: the earth from distant space, the immensely slowed motion of a hummingbird’s wings, the brain lighting up in reaction to stimulus.  Again: providing startling points of view of everyday life.

Such as this.  I live on California’s central coast, where fog is a sure indicator of summer–heat inland draws the cool air from the ocean, turning our mornings are grey, keeping our sunny afternoons brief. Fog is a thing one sees approaching, then looks up and sees taking over.  Those of us who live on hills occasionally become an island above a grey sea.


One thing fog isn’t is quick, in both senses: fast, and alive.  But then one sees film evidence of the secret life of fog, washing over familiar hills in threads and waves. A different view of my own world.


Adrift from Simon Christen on Vimeo.


  1. Beautiful. Thank you.

  2. Walking home in the evening in San Francisco in the fog. My best memory. Loved it and miss it.

  3. Oh, I say! How magnificent. Tiz amazing what time-lapse photography can depict. The closest I’ve come to this experience was my first time penetrating cloud into the sun-lit world above while a 15-year-old air cadet on an air experience flight in an old, four-engine (driving propellers) Handley Page Hastings transport aircraft of Her Majesty’s Aerial Huzzars (aka the Royal Air Force), circa 1964. Tiz another magical world.

    Mike (aka TBFO)

  4. Lynne K says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a serene and joyful film about the beauty of nature

  5. Gail Lelyveld says:

    Thoought your Maneparsee (sic) was brilliant. Sorry about the spelling.

  6. Laraine says:

    Very cool, Laurie. Seeing fog as river makes it a little more intriguing to deal with our ‘June gloom’ days (still, in July) down south here. Thanks!
    BTW, I haven’t been commenting much, as I’m up to my ears in research just now, but I do read each post, with relish–thanks for continuing the conversation.

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